Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brenda's Last Blog

Beautiful Things in Haiti

View from on top of Karen's house

These are especially beautiful!!

Little Josie and Mirlande


Sabine and Serlande

Final evening sitting together

Final kiss goodbye. :((

On this day Dieunel came running up to me "naked as a jay bird" arms open wide wanting to be held.

After church last Sunday enjoying some food at mama Karen's

A common site on the compound

A common site outside the compound

Not so common site "on or off" the compound!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Morning at the Market in Verrettes

Our day began with Ti Luckner taking on the job of Assistant Security with Ti wo wo. He was very happy to don a RCMP cap and take his post at the gate. He liked the idea of protecting the compound while we were gone to the market in Verrettes. Ti-Luckner is a special needs kid that Karen has had since he was 6 weeks old and is now in the process of adopting him. He has not had a proper diagnosis but we feel he has symptoms of Cerebral Palsy. He has amazing ability to do all kinds of things with his feet, but he is very limited with his arms. He takes great pleasure in trying to do anything others can do. He learns quickly and you can just see him processing information. He has the brightest smile of any child that I have seen and has certainly won my heart!!

Time to open the gate to let us out.

I like this picture of Odner on the left laughing at Ti-Luckner's zeal at opening the gate. Odner went with us for protection at the market.

Martha ready to shop!!

One of the nicer tables there.

As we were walking through the market we were the focal point; being that we were blanc. I said to Karen, "I kinda feel like Angelina Jolie on trip to Africa." My moment of fame. :) In saying that, I was scared to move one inch from Odner or Karen as men would come and stand right beside us, staring and not wanting to go away.
This lady wanted me to take her picture and to give it to her.

This lady didn't want me to take her picture, as I immediately found out. After I took the shot she glared at me and told me I'd better pay her for that.

I didn't get a lot of great shots as they do not like blancs taking their pictures. At least most of them don't

Two little piggies went to market and got sold to this lady! I bet the other was glad that he stayed home :)

Market Place Parking Lot!!!

Goats taken in to be sold.

Karen and I showing that we can carry on our heads just like them.

Ti-Luckner happy to open the gate for us when we returned.
And we were happy to arrive home safely after a hot day at the Market!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More of Life in Haiti

My three weeks is almost up and we are just about organized in the office. Most of the photos are sent to the sponsors of the school children and Karen's desk is tidier :))
I was up on the roof yesterday looking out over the land and thinking that it is such a beautiful countryside. Too bad there is so much poverty and corruption.
Last night we heard 3 or 4 gun shots and immediately I freeze waiting for emergency instructions from Karen. No word from security so we assume we are safe. Shortly after that we hear horns or sirens screaming down the road.

I've named this photo "A Cactus Flower" A little girl looking at us as we were visiting the injured teacher last week.

Typical modes of transportation

"Tap Tap" Our cook gets on one of these each week to go buy food at the market and sometimes comes back with sacks of food. There are no local convienience stores here!!

Making Charcoal

Rice drying in someone's yard. They even dry rice on the streets and all along the sides of the road. Karen tries to avoid it while driving but can't do it all the time.

Taught the kids how play the Limbo

Leica helping to wash clothes - she worked a lot harder than me. I used a washing machine!!

I sponsor Dieunel at the orphanage and so nice to spend time with him!

Ti Fi - 12 yrs (Maybe) Josie - Almost 4 yrs

Moise (Moses) 7 yrs Leica 5 yrs


Ti Luc 5 yrs/Vladimy 14 yrs - Sabine14 yrs & Serlande 18yrs

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov. 14 –

8:45 Karen, Ti Luckner, Odner and I head to Saint Marc to pick up supplies.

Truck "Tap Tap" broken down taking people to market

On the way there we have to pass through the town of Pont Sonde. This town has one of the largest markets on Sat. What a site!! The roads are wall-to-wall people, vehicles and animals. Some people are busy carrying their wares to set them up for selling and others are there to buy. We made our way through the throngs of people and continued on to Saint Marc

We needed to go through Saint Marc to the other side of the town in order to get propane. Well, half way through the city there was a roadblock so we had to take a detour. We tried to turn right to go down another road only to meet another huge truck coming on our side of the road because he didn’t want to wait for the buses that were in front of him. Following behind him there was a parade of motorcycles wanting to do the same thing. Karen inched her way in between the motorcycles and the people and after a few more turns we were in the middle of another market. Totally INSANE how everyone is all over the place!!! I told Karen that I was going to nominate her for Driver of the Year Award!. I also asked her if they had to do a driver's test to which she busted out laughing! We found our way back onto the main street. However, the road we took to get there was like a paved highway compared to the main road.

The propane station is just outside of the entrance to Saint Marc, which is also the station for the UN.

We drove back into the city and had to go through the madness all over again. This time we got in the path of a funeral.

You would not believe the tight spots Karen had to drive through! Our vehicle was just inches from the cars on one side, and hordes of people on the other.
We had to pick up some supplies at a hardware store and then we went to Deli Mart. That was like finding a McDonalds in Fiji for me. Americanized food. We had lunch and then shopped in their store. They even carried Swiss cheese. There were security guards with guns at both entrances. I was relieved to finally be on our way home, only until we were going through Pont Sonde again. By this time some of the crowds had dispersed but it was still quite crowded.

After an hour of being back safe on the compound we got balloons, cookies, and drink ready for the party. We celebrated the birthdays of JJ and Moise. The kids had fun with the balloons and especially the glasses that I made them out of the crazy sticks.