Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Sandra Ruth Pierre

This blog is to introduce you to Baby Sandra and to ask for prayer for her. Sandra joined our family on Monday, April 25th and has been in the hospital since that day.

Baby Sandra with Mama Karen

The doctor said she was very seriously anemic and had an infection throughout her body. She has been on IV meds since Monday and has received blood. She is doing better but yesterday I was told she needs ongoing help from the hospital before she can come home. Sandra was found on the street of a town nearby and we were contacted by the magistrate there.

Baby Sandra Ruth

Please pray for Sandra to be able to join her big lively family here at the mission where she will receive daily help to become completely well and strong. Anne came to us in bad shape too but she is now healthy and happy.

I also ask for prayer for the two housemothers who have been taking turns staying at the hospital with Sandra. Antoinette and Naomie have been switching places at the hospital every afternoon. Being there with Sandra means no sleep.

A Canadian family, the second one to offer to sponsor Anne awhile back when I needed a sponsor, is sponsoring Sandra. Thank you to all who have let me know you are willing to sponsor one of these precious needy children.

Thanks to all of you for your willingness to support the children.


God bless you. Karen and family

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lots of Activity…

Hello All,
Jessie Here. I hope you all are in for the long haul, because this is going to be one long blog to include all the activity that has been going on around here. Before we go any further, Seth and I want to announce the winner of the Easter room name competition. There were a lot of wonderful and hilarious admissions. It was very tough for us to choose. We have, however, decided upon a winner.

And the winner is...
Karen J with "Resurr-egg-tion Station". Congratulations! and please send us a photo or two to and we will add it to our Easter photos in the next blog.

Last blog, Karen’s house was in the process of getting cement put on the outside of it to make it stronger, prettier, and easier to paint. This has been finished, but instead of making Karen’s house prettier, we decided to put that on pause. (The group will be down in a month to fix it all up.) Since we have to wait to paint, Seth has been fixing up a house for her new inverter batteries and a new house for her air conditioning. Everything is getting a prettier look around here, other than Karen’s home. Soon, though, Karen, Soon! :)

Smooth Concrete and AC house

Seth just finished up building and organizing the plumbing room. It had previously been a mess! If you needed a piece, you would have to take an hour break from your work to go look for the piece inside the room. Seth built shelves and racks for the different plumbing and electrical supplies. The room is now fully functional! :) Seth has yet to decide whether it is organization for plumbing or a tarantula condo.

Plumbing Room Before

Plumbing Room After

I have been doing tons of odds and ends as always. Seth designs and builds, I paint. I have painted the house for the inverter and air-conditioning, and have started on the kitchen cabinets that Seth recently renovated. The most important paint job I have done recently, though, was the key paint job.
For about a week, I got to wear multiple hats. I felt like an inspector and designer, although I really didn’t do any of those things. (I at least have to make my job sound important. :)) We have numerous keys laying around here at the HATS compound. Someone had previously organized most of them which helped a ton! However, there was still a lot to be done. So, for the first two days or so you would see me pacing back and forth across the compound trying to fit keys to certain doors and examining keys to see if they matched. Once I had the majority of the keys label, it was on to step two. I had to dip all the keys in various colors of paint corresponding with their houses and hang them on the line to dry. I had just watched the new Charley and the Chocolate Factory, so this was the perfect thing to do. The paints looked like different taffies and candies and to top it off I wrote a number for each door of the house on the key in a chocolate brown color, so I felt as if I was decorating it with a special chocolate design, just like the oompa-loompas. Maybe the Easter Bunny will hire me next year. :)

Vat of Chocolate

Seth and I have been very disappointed lately with the weather. The rainy season was suppose to start April 15th, which we were told would cool down the evenings! It has only rained once since then and it resulted in this...

First Rain

In the spare time we have, we have been working on a certain “Ragaslush” campaign for our Texas Team. The Ragaslush was a paired invention by David Nance and Garrett Wooten. Dave was known for freezing his Poweraids for a cool refreshment. We decided as a good way to promote his new business (baseball recruiting in Haiti for the Major Leagues) we would combine Haiti’s famous energy drink, the Ragaman with a slushy consistency, therefore the Ragaslush. Here are a few pictures we have developed for the company. (P.S.- we have been scouting for you, Dave, and we have found some boys with sweet arms who can hit any mango in a tree, no matter what the height!)

Ragaslush Jessie

Ragaslush Seth

The kids are as cute as always. It has moved into Mango season, so we frequently see children with a mangos stuffed in their mouth and and their bellies covered in juice. :) Today, Luckner treated them to a bucket of mangos while the boys got their hair cut.







We are slowly getting the children more and more used to animals, especially lizards and frogs. Almost daily the children are yelling at Seth to catch a lizard, frog, snake, and yesterday a baby chick. They are all going to be zoologist before we know it!

Baby Chicken

To aid in them liking frogs a little more, we have developed a game we play with the children almost every other afternoon. Krapo, Krapo Eske W’ap domi? Frog, Frog are you sleeping? In the Untied States, we often played a game with my school kids, Mother Bear, Mother Bear, are you awake. The children tip-toe to the bear and until she wakes up and chases them back home. If she tags you, you become her cub. Well in the process of describing the game with my limited Creole, I got stuck on bear. They probably have never seen a bear and I didn’t know the word for it, so I tried acting it out, no luck. Then, Seth had a brilliant idea to use Krapo as the animal. The children instantly understood. So, the game continues, although come to think of it, are we just aiding their fears? haha :)

Krapo Krapo eske w'ap domi

Children’s Church has been going great! I love doing it. This is something I live for. Puppets, fun games, and finding a way to make it all real to the children. Last week, we had a Palm Sunday Service, there was a short puppet skit and a lesson, followed by a long period of praise. We danced, marched, shouted, and waved our palm branches.

Childrens Church

The students have had quite the break from school these last few weeks, but will be returning this week. While they were off, the students went to school one day to receive their report cards. The children did very well. Mirlande and Ti Luckner even received first in their class! A huge deal! We were so happy for them, especially Karen of course!

Report Cards

As I close out this post, I will leave you with a few pictures of what we have been doing at the close of our days, playing with the kids! Oh, we love them!

Bon fet!

Jess and Ann
Playing in the sand
Seth getting attacked
The cool kids
 Watch out!
 Ti Luc playing slapjack

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Noise, noise, noise

Noise, noise, noise at the administration building/Karen's living accommodations. But the noise is for a good reason. Bang, bang, bang on the sides of the cement walls. Hammers are going, cement is being mixed and smoothed on the walls, voices are calling to each other, and windows are covered in bed linen as protection from the cement. This building has needed this done for seven years and noisy as it is, we are thankful it is finally getting done. It is being done now so it can be properly set and dry before the workteam arrives. We had a short break from construction onsite but now things are busy again. This work is being done in preparation of the team that Gerry Rhyno will be bringing in May. The plan is for them to paint this building and to use our new cement saw to cut down the ugly remains of the top level that held up the water tanks before the earthquake.

Admin Bldg getting ready to be painted

Sealing blocks with cement & preparing for painting

People in the area are impressed with the cement work and painting of our two children's homes and support missionary building. We have heard a lot of positive comments about the cleanliness and beautiful colours of these buildings. We have also heard a lot of 'not so nice' comments about the ugliness of this building. Not for long folks. When the construction team has this building finished, and the Canadian workteam has the top level repaired and the painting completed, we expect the comments will all be positive ones.

Luckner has just finished four days of work on our water tanks and the system that carries the water throughout the compound. All tanks were removed and reinstalled. We have all four operating at full capacity (1000 gallons each) once again and we have water pressure as well. O Happy Day!!

Luckner working on water tanks

Luckner still working on water tanks

Now he has another plumbing project underway at the school. School is closed presently for an Easter break, so it is a good time to do repairs. When you have 300 students there is bound to be damage done to the plumbing system. Speaking of school, tomorrow the teachers will be at the school preparing the report cards that students and parents must come and pick up at a meeting Monday morning. It will be interesting to see if my kid's results meet Mama's standards.

Merise cleaning out water drainage pipe from school yard

Work has been done on a table to hold our batteries for the new inverter. Seth will construct a 'ti kay' for the batteries for protection from the sun and rain and Luckner will do the electrical work of hooking it up. When that is completed Luckner will wire the house Seth and Jessie are living in for an inverter there. Lots of activity as usual.

Table being made for batteries for inverter

At HATS 'Never a dull moment'.

A couple of months ago Luckner was able to purchase a piece of land immediately to the left of his property. He went to see his banker and was able to borrow funds to start construction of a trade school there. This is something that is needed in this area and will be a big help to those who will be able to attend. Last week Seth and Jessie enjoyed the experience of seeing the cement roof being poured by hand on that school. Very hot, sweaty and exhausting work done by all workers that day.

roof being poured on school Luckner is building

View of roof being poured from top of Luckner's house

Seth and Jessie are busy with various things. Seth, being a carpenter, is busy doing lots of jobs using his training and skills - building this and that and something else. Today he worked on a spot to put the microwave in my kitchen cupboards at a height that I could use it. Ti Luc asked for his carpenter's apron to work along with Seth. Soon we saw Ti Luc with his measuring tape measuring what he had just seen Seth measure. Guess he wanted to be sure it was done properly for his mama.

Seth with his carpenter shop out of the sun

Ti Luc checking the accuracy of Seth's measurements

Jessie does whatever is needed on any given day. She painted the floors at the Boy's Home this week. Today she was working on a 'colour' system of organizing all the keys for the compound.

Jessie painting the floor in the Boy's Home

Jessie setting up colouring key system

The children are all doing well. My newest, baby Anne, is doing much better than when she arrived. She is changing rapidly and in much better health. Jofky and Karena are adorable and enjoy playing together. Now that we have the yard for the orphanage part of this compound enclosed for safety, Jofky is often seen and heard standing at one gate, peeking through the bars and calling "Mama, Mama".

Anne & Mama

Jofky calling Mama, Mama

Recently I have been once again enjoying early morning walks along the canal, which has always been the only chance for me to have a few minutes for myself and God. I have sorely missed it, but due to having no help with Ti Luc I had to quit going. When school is not operating I have Leica and/or Karma come stay with Ti Luc while I do a short fast walk. I will share a couple of photos taken on my walks.

Sights from my early morning walk

Scenes from my early morning walk

Again on behalf of my children, our employees, and the people of this area I say thank you very much for your loving kindness.

HATS-Haiti is "All About The Children". Thank you to all of you who enable this mission to continue to meet the needs of the children who live here, help the children who attend our school, and children in the community. May you be blessed as you are a blessing to the needy ones here.

Karen and kids

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Contest

After sending off the last blog and then reading it again ourselves, we decided that we should ask for some audience participation! If you read the last blog, then you noticed that Jess and I gave Easter themed names to each of the rooms in their new home. But you would have also noticed that one room got left out- the kitchen. Anyway, we're going to have a little competition to see who can come up with the best Easter themed name for our kitchen. Either post it as a comment on here or on my or Jessie's facebook. The prize for the winner!? I will photoshop the lucky person into one of the photos next time I write the blog! Keep in mind, though, I choose the photo! Good luck!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When You’re Busy, Time Flies

So Jess and I have been in Haiti for exactly a month now! It sure doesn't seem like that long! I guess when you’re busy, time flies.

I’m constantly thinking about what I'm going to write in the blog to make it informational but also entertaining. So this week, along with the past week’s details, I'll also talk about animals and Jess and I’s new home. I really haven’t seen Karen a lot this past week, which in this case is a good thing because it means she’s getting a lot done in the office. Karen has started showing Jess around in the office and teaching her how to keep track of receipts and other paperwork. Jess is really enjoying it and I'm sure Karen is enjoying the thought of not having to do it all herself!

Recently, I've been retrieving a lot of krapo from the toilets. It’s getting kinda annoying how often the kids come to me saying “Seth krapo toilet! Vini” (Come). I guess it my job being the plumber to be sure the toilets are free of krapo. Actually, I don’t mind, I kinda enjoy it, because I love krapo! Did I begin by saying that “krapo” in Creole is “frog”? I love all animals, I always have. So I really enjoy being in a place where there are a plethora of frogs and lizards. I quickly realized that the kids here are deathly afraid of frogs which I couldn't understand, especially the boys! I thought it would be funny to tell the kids that in the U.S. some people eat frogs, including myself. They couldn't believe it! Now the phrase I hear screamed the most at me is, “Ou manje krapo!” (You eat frog). I love to say it back to them and see them run around screaming “No! No!”

Our friend James told us that there is a common misconception here that if a frog pees in your eye then you will go blind, which would make sense why they’re so afraid of them. I’m tempted to catch a frog and hold it over my eye in front of the kids to show them the truth, but I'm slightly afraid of going blind. The truth in this situation is just not worth it! I caught my first lizard this week. It took a while for the kids to warm up to it, but soon they had it on their shoulders. Eventually, I had to let the lizard go for its own safety. I caught my first goat this week too!

My First Goat

We had a pretty awesome experience this week with goats. A good way to bless the Haitian people is by giving them animals, that either provide help with work or with food. Some people from Canada had donated some money for the purpose of buying goats for some people in the community and we got to help hand them out. The people were very grateful. T-Luc really enjoyed being a shepherd for a few minutes!

Lady receiving a goat

Mama and Ti Luc

Shepherd Ti Luc

smiling goat

The animal I'm most afraid of here is the tarantula. Thankfully I haven’t seen any big ones. I've just seen a ton of baby ones! I have a question- How fast do tarantulas grow? How long do I have until all these babies are full grown?! The worst thing is that I've seen them all on the outside of our house, and I saw my first one in our house today! Actually, they’re kinda growing on me, they’re kinda cute if you really think about it. They’re fuzzy and they walk really slow (I think of them as the beagle of the spider family). I told Jess the other day that I'm going to start catching them and raising them because I'd much rather have a bunch of tame tarantulas than a bunch of wild ones. How do you think she responded to that?

The animal I hate the most is the rooster. That's a new development in the past month. As Karen said in the last blog, Jess and I are into our new home! Its exciting to have our own place but also good for Karen to get her own space back! It’s so nice to be able to get away and just read sometimes or even take a short nap. But unfortunately, the excitement of something new came with a few snags and the transition still isn't fully complete- I'm figuring out that that’s the way of Haiti. We've still been down at Karen’s every evening because we can’t find a piece we need to complete our stove and because the internet isn't working either. The guy came and installed it and it worked the first day, but it hasn't worked since. He’s been back to try and fix it but with no success yet. The transition has been easier for Jess for one reason in particular- after getting married we quickly found out that our body temperatures were much different. In the winter in Illinois Jess would use three blankets at night to my one blanket! You see, our new place is above the kids home, so it holds heat more easily and we don’t have our inverter set up yet, so unless there is Haitian power (what are the chances of that!) then we don’t have a fan. Lack of a fan poses two problems- heat and sound. Like I already said, heat is more my problem. Here, Jess lays in bed with a sheet on. I can’t take off more than one sheet, so my only option is to lay there and sweat. The first two nights I explained my sleep as a series of power naps. The other problem is not having a fan to drown out sound. Night in Haiti is like an orchestra of varying alarm clocks. For some reason they don’t compete for time slots, they allow each other an equal amount of time to make their presence known! Here are all the different things that have their parts in this orchestra- dogs, goats, birds, machine gun generator, big trucks, music, singing, bull frogs, pigs, roosters, donkeys, and children. We've been woke up by each of these things separately! A couple of nights ago, Jess and I laid in our bed awake at 4:30am and all we could do was laugh because of all of the noise! On top of that, the previous day we read Psalm 127, which says, “The Lord gives sleep to those he loves.” Either God really doesn't love us, or the timing of us reading that verse proves that God has a sense of humor! Actually, We were extremely surprised at the amount of energy we had each day to accomplish what we needed to, despite the lack of sleep we got. It proves that God did give us his supernatural rest. I only took one nap last week, and I slept on the concrete because it was too hot to lay on a bed (which proves that I'm officially Haitian!).

Other than the few snags with our house, it is looking great! We've got it in order and all of our curtains up, and this week we gave the kids the grand tour! They kept saying “li bel” which means “It’s beautiful.” We’d love to give you guys a tour too! How about a picture tour?! And we decided that since it is getting close to Easter and our house colors coincide perfectly with the holiday that we would name each room for you. Our house as a whole is called Easter Zone! Welcome!

Children's Tour

Bunny Bazaar

Cadbury Area

Chic Bathroom- aka girls college dorm bathroom

Chocolate Surprise

Easter Egg Forest

Peeps Gazebo

The Kitchen

The Rabbit's Lair

Friday night all of the missionaries in the area got together for food and fellowship. We sat down and told each other what our ministries here were about and then got to know each other. Then...and a big THEN...we ate pizza! Oh my, Jess and I have been wishing for pizza for a long time (we typically eat pizza once a week back home!) And it was great!


Jess and I are happy to have found an American friend here in Haiti! (thanks to David N.) His name is James and he works for the hospital here. He also has a ministry where he shows evangelical films all over the area. Last Sunday we hiked up to Verrettes Falls and spent the day there. What a beautiful place to spend the Sabbath! Thursday night we got to help him set up a film called “Hope” and show it to some people in the community after a soccer game. Then Saturday he brought us to a nearby dam where we swam with the local children! While we were there a local church came and asked us if they could interrupt our swim with a baptism and we were happy to allow them. It was also cool that it happened that way because so many kids had shown up just to hang out with us and in the process they heard the Word of God!

James, Jessie and I at Verrettes Falls

The Falls

What clear water!

Hope Video

Baptism at the swimming hole

Swimming Hole

Taking a dip

I’m getting a lot of sun here, and maybe even more than some other people (like Jess). She’s already slightly jealous that I'm darker than her, and to make matters worse, on our way home from the dam Saturday, a little girl called me a name. Now typically, and quite often, as we’re driving children are yelling out “blan” at us, which means “white.” Well, this time the little girl pointed at me and said, “espanol.” I found it quite humorous and still do! hehe.

Sunday, Jess was in charge of church, and she decided to do things a little differently than usual. Since church consists mostly of our children and the children from the community, Jess wanted to experiment with a children’s church. We had a puppet skit, in which Jess and I spoke in Creole! The kids didn’t understand it all because of our poor pronunciation, but Karen explained it afterwards. The kids loved it anyway! Then Jess did a short message(Walk the way Jesus wants) and then ended with a craft that challenged the kids to do something good for someone else this week. Everyone loved it so much that Jess has been asked to do it again next week! Who knows, soon we may be calling her Reverend Jessie!

We finished Sunday with a walk and I got Ann to smile at me for the first time! Maybe it was because I bribed her with some juice.

Bribing Ann

Smiling Ann

For as much complaining as I do about different things here, I want all of you to know that any complaining is done purely for entertainment purposes! For any one thing that is tough here, there are five more that are a blessing! If Jess and I were given an option of a hundred different things to do this year, we would still choose this, and we know that Karen wouldn’t change what she’s done with her life for anything either! We thank God for this place and for putting each one of us here!

Here are a few more cute pics from this week including Jofky, Karena, and Ti Luc, if you want to see more pictures, I'm planning on putting a lot of my pictures up on Facebook in the next few days, so just add me: Seth Huber

Jofky feeding Ti Luc
Jofky Fell Asleep
The kids touring our home