Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last blog for Bob the Builder and his team

7 a.m. start  for last day at church
Early to rise and back to work for the building team.

According to Captain Bob, we not only met, but exceeded all expectations. All the studs, all the framing and the majority of the strapping ready for the next group to put on the finishing touches. A good two days and it will be done. 

Bob the Builder and Karen admiring the handiwork of the team

Team has done what they can and now saying Bye
Mean time, the Hats kids made life-size self portraits which now add colour and cheer to their bedrooms. 
Adonna's art project well underway with the kids

Art work - this is Dieunel, Judel & Jofky

Art work with Adonna.  JJ by JJ

Mirlande & Anne

Ti Luc painted himself with his feetcaption
Then some interesting roadside shopping for a supply line for a faucet, some gas for the tap tap, some frozen chicken, phone cards and Pringles!! A quick pit stop for the group to Luckner's for refreshments: it continues to be extremely hot here. 
Break ad Enter by Bob and his accomplice Scotty
We returned tonight for Les Blanc's live rendition of Amazing Grace on Radio Station 104.7. It was fun.
Aldonna speaking to the listeners

Team singing at Radio Station

When there was a chance today, lots of play with the little ones. It was hard to say good-bye. 
Ti Luc being put to bed by two young ladies - last night together

Tomorrow, up early for flights to Canada as we head to Montreal and various directions from there. From all of us, from the bottom of our heart, thank you to Karen, Mariah and the kids at Hats Haiti for hosting such a magnificent visit. A la prochaine!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thank You, Kayden!

A big thank you is going to a boy named Kayden. Kayden took it upon himself to raise some funds to send down to Haiti with David and his team from Texas last month. This money has blessed the children's home with a popcorn maker and a blender so my children here at HATS-Haiti can have fresh made juice and popcorn regularly.  
Mesi (Thank you) Kayden
Thank you Kayden. Thank you for caring and for sending the funds to help the children. The children made you a sign for you to say thank you. The children have the 8x10 photo of you on their wall.
Thank you and God bless you Kayden.

Karen and all the children

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Blog

By our short term bloggers - Steve and Adonna

We eased into today after a couple of days of tough work in very hot conditions. After going to bed around 9:30 last night, the early risers woke up just before 7 o'clock with others soon after.

We decided to give our local team members a little bit of a break and took over the kitchen to cook our own breakfast. To everyone's surprise, Steve volunteered to make a polish specialty, potato pancakes...platzkies! To everyone's even greater surprise, they turned out great and everyone had their fill (along with, if you can believe it....sour cream and ranch dressing!!)

Preparing breakfast - Chef Steve & helpers Rich & Noah

Steve - master chef & crew

After our delicious platzkies we got all the kids ready for a moving church service. As music filled the air, we were welcomed into the community by a little boy who warmed our hearts when he said "I will pray to God for you all to come back and help us". Different groups came up front and sang songs, including our group singing Amazing Grace. For never practicing we managed to survive and sounded pretty good! Next Rich lead the church with a reading from the Bible - Philippians 4:13 and a story about strength to follow, which was translated by Karen.

Listening to Herve & Richard sing in church

Amazing Grace by the workteam

Leica, Karma and friend singing in church

HATS group singing in church

Karen's two littlest ones singing their own song in church

Today was a welcome day of rest and so the afternoon was spent in conversation, naps, playing with the little ones, cards... then a visit to Luckner's radio station for a break. Upon our return, we went for a leisurely walk along the canal accompanied by most of the children, Karen, and the occasional horse or cow. Some folk stayed behind to engage in a raucous game of basketball and then another delicious meal. As has become custom, a fearsome game of online trivial pursuit takes us to bedtime.

Group photo after church

Team work to prepare the children's meal at Kay Margo

Enjoying a break at Luckner's

Hammerlock in basketball

Tomorrow will be our last full day to complete our many projects around the compound as well as giving it our all to complete the church roof. The day will certainly be full and no doubt rewarding.

Two beautiful females

Good night all and we'll talk with you again tomorrow!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday blog

This blog written by Aldonna

Today the guys went with a new plan: early to rise and early to the work site, lunch at the compound - a siesta! - then back on the job later in the afternoon. The remainder of the trusses are up and the church looks spectacular already!! Lots of locals to give a hand and to watch with appreciation.

Early morning start to the day

11 a.m. Sat all trusses were up

11 am pickup for break from heat

Weather continues to be very hot but Maddy, Robyn, Noah and Vladimy managed to keep cool by washing the truck but getting most of the water on each other!

Four doors and a gate were repainted and some odd sewing jobs were completed.

Doors being painted

Painting inside & out at same time

Everyone (guys group and ladies group)had a chance to go to the market: an organized "mess" of gorgeous foods, fragrant herbs, charcoal filling the air and lungs. Smoked fish, raw meat - A parking lot for donkeys!!

Break from roofing to go to market

Verrettes market

Each group came back with different impressions: "crazy" from Dakota and Scotty'; "nerve-wracking' in its chaos from Robyn and Rich... Aldonna and Carolyn thought it was "cool" and wished it were appropriate to take photos, and Maddy agreed it was "busy".

Purchasing machetes

Ladies bringing chairs back from market

Tonight there is a plan a foot to return to the radio station and say a few words on air, maybe even sing Amazing Grace. Another enlightening game of Trivial Pursuit may precede bedtime: the new words for the trip...."Funning and Sunbar". We all tried to guess their meanings with no luck- (we finally did and now have to use the words in a sentence and report back to Rich!) You guess!!!!! Good night for now- a day of rest tomorrow as Sunday is upon us.

Church project as of 6 p.m. pickup today

Friday, March 23, 2012

This blog written by Steve and Adonna

Our friendly neighborhood entrepreneur, the rice maker, proudly woke us all up at 4:15 a.m. as he fired up his equipment for another day's production in the factory! Not everyone woke up then, but shortly afterwards, everyone was up for a big day of activity and work.

Breakfast included a wonderful serving of oatmeal and juices. We then had our morning Devotions with the children and staff and began our work day.

Friday morning devotions

Up and coming Pastor Jofky

The boys loaded up all the premade trusses and headed up the hill to the waiting church site. After many trips in a rented vehicle, all the product was delivered.

Load up wood to head for the church

Enroute to the church

Now unload and transport it up hill

Adonna moving wood so Karen can drive in

By the end of the day, 4 of the 7 trusses had been put in place and were standing proudly atop of the church walls. Bob and the team worked for most of the day battling not only unlevel surfaces, but 56 degree temperatures, as well (yes-that is 133 degrees Fahrenheit!!!) Plenty of water and fluids drunk throughout the day and well deserved-cold showers taken upon return. Now more than half way through the project and Karen and the team couldn't be happier or prouder of their progress to date. All were grateful for the help of Mariah, who translated with the local men who were on hand to help.

Hard work

Moving ahead nicely

Cheering section

Time to head home to shower

The guys dirty legs - not leggings

Temperature where men were working today

Throughout the day, the girls continued to re-organize the children's quarters and Maddy and Robyn took the opportunity to "chill" with the children and share in their day, exchanging stories and smiles. Aldonna and Carolyn went into St. Marc with Karen to do the weekly grocery shop: it is always fascinating to leave the compound and absorb the locals sights and sounds, and to hear the many, many captivating stories she has to share.

Piggyback riding at the best

Dinner served early, again a wonderful chicken dish, as all the team feeling weary and ready for an early night.

Karen here -

Again the ladies wrote the blog. Can't seem to get any of the men into blog writing. Thursday night - day 3 - after relaxing and sharing no one had energy to get the blog out. We apologize to those who were faithfully watching for it last night. We will endeavour to write about what is happening here on site and over at the church site out to you tonight.
- - - - - - - - - -
Day 3
A much quieter night - we were all rested and full of a yummy pancake breakfast complete with Canadian Maple syrup. Off to Devotions with Karen, the workers and all the kids. What a wonderful, touching experience - singing and worshipping Our Lord.

The girls proceeded to have a meeting with Karen which left them exhausted. Such hard work to sit around the table and talk.

Exhausted ladies after sitting chatting with Karen

The boys took on the task of constructing the trusses for the church roof - now they did work very hard in 45 degree temperature to finish 13 trusses. Some of the guys (Steve) had duct-taped hands after - due to blisters - not used to hammering in this heat (or hammering at all).

Men hard at word

Lots done but more to be done

The girls were given the task of painting some shelves in Kay Margo - which look beautiful - by the way - a lovely shade of pink (no duct tape was needed).

Robyn & Maddie leaving their painted hand prints everywhere

How many Canadians does it take . . . . .

Then Robyn and Maddy took on the picnic table - and the staple gun proved to be quite the challenge. They were stapling new plastic on top of the bench and top - not an easy task - which ended up taking them all afternoon, phew. Meanwhile, all the little ones were served lunch and did not have a table so, being self-sufficient, they took their bowls and sat on the floor, feeding each other and the older ones watching out for the younger ones - what a lesson for us all.

Aldonna and Carolyn were off to the school to scrape excess concrete off of walls (getting them ready for painting) and then on to the new library to sort books - a very dusty and spider infested room - oohh...(lucky Rich wasn't given this job).

Aldona & Carolyn preparing sec school for painting

After another spectacular dinner of eggplant/beef stew and rice made lovingly by Germaine and Martha, we hopped into the pick-up truck and headed off the to the Radio Station to visit Luckner who is Karen's right hand man and who wears many hats.

Trade School - CFPTM & Radio Creole

Team leader, Bob, with Jonathan

Cool cat Jofky

Maddie & Ti Fi

That's it for today.