Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday blog

Friends and Family XX
Here I am one last time :(...
As I told you we are leaving HATS on Monday and are going to be working one more week with YOUTH FOR CHRIST HAITI.
I can't believe we are here since almost a week...
Some of you said we looked like we belong here and it felt like that...
But before I say "Good by" let me tell you about our Saturday and still a bit of Friday..

Last night we gave out our first treats..some lollipops..that was adorable to watch.
As we were enjoying them there was a big rain bow over the buildings...we hoped for rain -but nothing:(

Leica and Ti Luc - treat time
Jonathan likes a treat too

One thing is for sure nothing went as planned today, that's' for sure.

First of all ...Karen is feeling better.....thank you to all that prayed. She took her Antibiotic and I gave her my favorite remedy of Toast (she had Montreal Bagels :)..with fresh sliced garlic and honey....She pulled her nose up at me first but ...admitted that it was actually quite good....besides IT HELPS !
Then this morning Louis woke up with no voice and a sore throat ....all gone now . PRAISE THE LORD !

Rainbow but no rain to cool us down

Our health has been fanominal....I can not tell you how grateful I am for that.
The only thing I have to admit is, the lack of sleep caught with me today and I had a beautiful nap with baby Jonathan on my chest...Definitely an unforgettable "take away "....I think we slept for 1.5 hour !! So worth it

Is there a nicer way to sleep

The "cooks" are off for the weekend and so I got to cook lunch for today and tomorrow in the morning.
You know how I love that....I made a chicken stew and tried to be as Haitian as possible....:)
It did turn out nice...not sure if there was any Haitian to it:)

We had first planned a trip to the local market but workers arrived early in the yard to put up the vine for Karen.
It was a lot of work and the market got cancelled ...not sure I am missing the smell after some of the comments of raw meet that is apparently laid out in the sun:) so it all worked out !!

Raising the grape vine

So the day really turned a lot more around the children , without laundry and teaching, etc.

Louis helped the men a bit in the yard and took opportunity to talk to some of them about the Lord as they rested in the shade
That was awesome to see...

Louis sharing with one of the workers

We both played with the children in the yard and it was really nice to finally get to do that.
We also had story time circle...:)

Djemima at morning play time
Library hour with Barb reading

I have to admit I am still now learning their names...shame on me !
I like to be with them every chance I get and my reward is when their faces light and they call you mamie ( one more house mom).

Karen said that this was a very unusually stressful week and I think lots of things happened she didn't bargain for .
That the laundry lady was not here didn't help either.

Good to know that God had his timing to send us just now. I hope we were of some help.

Louis continues to fix the things he can ...and enjoys that.

This pm he got a very quick motorcycle ride in Luckner's motorcycle ...LOL...he changed it's position.

Louis with Luckner's motorcycle

Just now we went for a walk with the children along the canal...again we were planning for a long walk, a picnic and some bubble blowing...but it didn't work out. At the last minute Karen and Mariah could not go. BUT It was so beautiful at the canal anyhow AND there was a very nice breeze blowing in...the sky is black and we MIGHT get some rain

Late afternoon walk (minus Mariah & Karen)

July team ...I have two words for you CLEAN AND COOL :)....we joked about the fans last night many different kinds we could ship in, battery operated, hand held.....battery op for the tied to your neck :)...
So think cool and SOAP. SOAP, SOAP.......just sayin' apparently its hotter in July...:)
I WILL be praying for you all.

We really did have a wonderful time here at HATS ....would love to be back sometime.
A big THANK YOU to Karen and Luckner for giving us the opportunity to work along side Karen...what an eye opener!!.
HAITI NEEDS CANADA will be my new slogan !!

So my friends , keep us in your prayers the second week as we head out.
Thank you for your support and encouragement on the blogs.. esp.your prayers.
What would we do without the Lord ?
He is our hope and the hope for Haiti !!

DG and ADG of HATS

Much love and blessing
barbawa and louis

Friday blog

Family and Friends

After another night of only a few hours of sleep it is awesome and refreshing to get up ...very early-see the sun rise ...the rooster crow (not so awesome :)have some time with the Lord overlooking the picturesque mountains of Haiti.

Gardens and mountain view

We are sleeping on the second floor of the main house..and while it's a little toasty inside at night it is stunning on the balcony part of it.

Before you feel sorry for us I would like to say that we have 2 ! fans in the little room but it doesn't seem to do much .
The air is so thick with heat.
But we always get up and have super energy for the day...that can only be GOD.
But you may still pray for more sleep :) LOL

Today beautiful time of worship again ....:)

THEN ..there were some problems...The washing machine broke ...The house moms got in trouble ..the school had problems
Let's just say there were a lot of fires to be put out today!!

I got the laundry organized and then went to make mango juice :) with Germaine and Marguerite!!

Barb making mango juice with Germaine

We had a beautiful time and shared a lot about our faith .The very thing I had prayed for for days.
They brought me to tears at one point, always wanting to know "when I come back "
They are so sweet both of them .
They taught me how to peel and slice a mango ...which I thought I knew..:)..after much laughter I finally got it.

Karen very graciously let me be part of her work and wanted me to make some changes and teach the house mothers new tricks :)
I tried to do it with lots of love and grace....
In the afternoon we had a meeting with all of them and I was part of it . I feel very honored and it makes me feel very much at home here. I feel like I belong :)

Mid morning was the celebration at the school for mothers day and that was adorable!!!

School fet for Haitian Mother's Day
Prescolaire students and parents after Mother's Day Fet at school Day
Mama Karen with her four prescolaire children

I am sure I have 1000 piks by now....can't help it.
The children sang for their mothers , that came to visit the school and then gave them a little gift basket ...
The mothers also received a cold drink from the school director (Luckner )...
Ah ja, did I mention that he has a business of cold drinks too ?...
People in Haiti either have no job or 7...that's really so! OK, maybe not 7 :)

They 'finally' discovered Louis' talents as handy man and put him to work. He is fixing toilets, showers , put on door handles,
spring for the front door, installed a motion detector for the back stairs....I am sure I forgot something :)
He loves it and just putts between he stops for a quick card game with whoever is around.....
that's my kinda Handy man !! LOL.

Louis with Jofky

Karen and I also put together some really nice gift bags (from the treats we brought ) for the house moms for mothers day.
Some of the items included...soap , lipstick , nail polish, comb...ect....
So thankful for all we brought.

I thought I just use the opportunity and give the team coming in July and in the fall some ideas of what to case you still have space.
A hand held fan ....Chinese store your best bet.!!
tooth paste,
tooth brushes (for the community )
deo (buy small ones-we had no more place ,such a treat)
small Vaseline (for hair and hands)
dresses for the house moms...summer ,light ,very simple (mostly S some M....2 large)
new adult underwear, always a treat.
card board books for children ...the kind where the pages don't rip..
baby toys that can't be broken
hope this helps...if something else comes to mind ..... I'll write tomorrow.

OK ....time to go. We are going in the garden to play with all the little ones. Today is friday and they go to bed at 7.30 instead of 7:00 ....
gotta run :)

Ti Fi
Barbara with Dana's Leica
Fun time with kids - rainbow in sky
Friday - goodnight time - now to bed children

Bless you all
much love mama babawa and papa Louis

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday Blog

Dear Friends

We just finished "family "worship with the young children and all the staff for the day )...So I'm going to start the day by shouting
Loue le seigneur ..PRAISE THE LORD ...all that has breath ...PRAISE THE LORD
For all of you who have been here ...Worship is a "take away ".
In your pain , in your suffering or poverty ...WE CHOOSE to PRAISE THE LORD.
We part from that time by saying :God bless your day ....and I add ...and give you strength !!

Were you all praying yesterday !?? es you were and God answered our prayers!! The generator from Luckner is running !!!!!!! It can't run everything he has as it did before, but it is running!!!!!!!!!!!! He is happy and encouraged . Praise the Lord.
Now we can pray for a back up generator to come in(27000$ for a new one ) in case this one breaks again !!!!
God is great!!

Of course today also started with worship at the school ..I taped some of it
The children sing their hearts out . So wonderful to watch !!

Devotions at school

Morning devotions at school

Barbara at school

The days are becoming taking on more of a rhythm now ..
The faces and names are getting familiar, friendships are made and children that were shy come running for their hugs LOVE it !!

I was alone on laundry today because one of the moms was missing that was long and hot ..Did i already say ITS HOT HERE??!:)
i WAS SCH HOCKED TO LEARN how much the woman iron the heat.
All the uniforms and shirts are ironed but some iron much more .
The people here take great pride in clean and proper clothing and put much hard work into it to get them clean.
I think it gives them a boost.

Servant heart Barb washing kid's clothes

I also try to help Germaine and Margarete when I can- the Lady's that prepare all the meals for us.
I LOVE to spent time in the kitchen with them .
I can tell you Haitian food is AWESOME ..they don't cook spicy for us though...but very authentic.

Of course in the mornings I try to write the blog right away (from the day before )...because apparently some of you are really waiting for them
(thank you for the comments and the encouragement !!!)
I want to tell you, that i am only writing it.Karen puts all the pictures together and crops it up and sends it out...another one of her many tasks.
I never new how many hours (!) go into getting a b log ready.

There is always work to be done for the school and we help where we can . Today was no teaching in the morning but crafts to be put together for a little "mothers day " celebration at the school tomorrow.

Then FINALLY Louis and I got some time to read and sit with some of the children.!!!I read with Mirlande and Ti Fi and lost my heart to both...
Ti fi and Ti Luc are both special needs children and need extra care and time . Love them dearly !!
Louis showed a card game to Mirlande , who was trying to "steal time " so she could get away from home work !!
Whenever I have time between the laundry I steel myself into the baby house for some hugs and kisses.

Main compound with Children's (Baby) House for hugs




At 4 o clock we went back to the radio station for some more English lessons !! It was great Fun and everybody participated .
The theme was "what do I see on my way to the market "? Lots of words to learn there
I really do love teaching when it doesn't catch me by surprise

Prayer request : Karen started not to feel well during our lesson ..Her throat gave out and this morning it's in her chest . PLEASE LIFT HER UP .!!

I try my best to tell you all what a day is like but really it's not that easy. There is so much that comes up all the time just go go all day.

Louis went with Luckner to get some supplies ...the workers are working hard to fix the cooking area where the roof blew off and it's looking great.
The cement floor came in yesterday and the wood is been put up today , I think .

Work on school kitchen that was damaged

We were busted at night and all went to bed early...hard to believe this was Thursday

Two tired servants of the Lord

Keep praying for the staff -strength- patience and love and being able to take directions.
And for the children of course

Personal prayer request ...sleep at night !!!
Praise for those who know me Health issues ever ...this is a GIFT !!!
much love to all.

miss you at home
Babawa and Louis (Note from Karen - Thanks to Barb and Louis - two faithful servants.)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Greetings to all.

Ok I am going to just say it...They call Karen "the helicopter " :) ....and after spending three days by her side I know why. She propels through life !!...and if you want to get on the ride you better start running.:) LOL AS funny as it may sound I know she is totally running on overload..Please pray with us that God sends her more help...esp. for administration. Besides that , strength and health !

Mama Karen with her arms full

Karen with Baby Sandra

Another prayer request is for Luckner the brother that runs the christian radio station. What a wonderful work he does. As an example , we learned yesterday that one of the security guards here at the mission was a former Voodoo Priest and has come to the Lord through Luckners radio station !! Of course you can imagine the war fare is thick in this man's life ...he is struggling right now on some financial level and I would like to ask you all to come along side him and lift him up in prayer. His radio station is meant to run 24 hours a day . He broadcasts christian music, sermons through different pastors and teaches the gospel himself , ect ect. There is a significant cost attached to this because of generators (gas ) that is needed due to the lack of electricity in Haiti.

Luckner and Little Luckner

Radio Creole

I am glad I can use this blog as an opportunity to share these requests with you as I know how your heart is drawn to partner with this mission here. What better way to do that then in prayer .

It is an amazing work that the Lord is doing here through so many many dedicated workers ...literally hundreds of children impacted every day with the love of Christ..but the task to do so is enormous. The dedication of staff is invaluable ...They NEED US ALL!! So that's my little intro this morning

Yesterday morning Louis and I spent with 7th graders at HATS school learning English again.

We were there at lunch time and saw the woman preparing the lunch ...buckets of it every day (for 240 Students !!) in the hot hot sun. Yesterday must have been 45 C. I kid you not...(and today doesn't look much different). The school kitchen was damaged recently in a huge storm and the two ladies worked diligently anyway in very uncomfortable surroundings to provide the needed meal for the students. Then The children line up and all get their lunch!! Love That !!

Meal being served at school (kitchen getting repairs)

Students eating

In the afternoon we were finally able to sort our bags with Karen. Some of the gifts went to her and the rest is going into the community through Youth for Christ Haiti. Praise God ! For all of you who sent gifts , I don't have to tell you what a treasure they were!! THANK YOU !

Donated supplies to bless people

Louis with donated supplies

In the afternoon Karen had a meeting with the house moms and Louis and I had some time to read and sit in the shade...:)

Afternoon was spent taking a beautiful walk by the Canal right outside the house with all the children! I have to tell you : Haiti is one beautiful country . Stunning . Lush and green .The contrast of God's creation and poverty through the sin in this world is astounding!!

Family walk along canal


In the evening we went to see Luckner to encourage him some and let him know we think of him !!

OK ...I left the BEST FOR LAST make sure you read on.:) We met our first TARANTULA yesterday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok ...not so great :( As we were looking in Karen's battery/inverter shed ..there it was .Pink and grey :) OH MY...I hope that was the last one I see. (I am sending this picture esp for our daughter Rebecca and our grand son Anthony :) Both will" enjoy "for very different reasons :)

Tarantula Barb saw but did not like

So long.
Bless you all
Barbara and Louis

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Friends of HATS

Hello Friends of HATS

My husband Louis and I (Barb) arrived here in Haiti on Monday . It already feels like we are part of the family . Karen runs this beautiful orphanage with 18 children truly like a family filled with love and laughter. Lots of laughter...and lots of smiles-BIG smiles:) There is no child that passes you that doesn't want a hug . :)

Louis with Baby Jonathan, Sandra, Jofky, Karena and Anne

Yesterday was our first day and as I passed the playground the children called out babawa :)creole for barbara..." come play with us " That was beautiful :) The children start every day with devotions thanking and praising God. Than after breakfast we went to the school that is right here on the compound and consists of about 240 children. There again we joined the morning worship before class. All the children receive a hot meal at lunch. The meal is cooked outside in the scorching heat. The woman and men that serve here are truly amazing and resilient. What an example to us. And they are so happy ...happy ,always happy. This is a big" take away "- learn to serve like that !! I love them already.

Louis with Jonathan

Ti Luc enjoying being fed by Barb

Children at HATS school

After that we learned that the Laundry lady is on vacation for two weeks I help the house mothers with the laundry... Lots of laundry. Much is washed by hand but there is also a machine. God has graciously provided much to help with the running of this huge home and school.

Barb helping with laundry and teaching some better methods too.

My personal favorite...cold showers :)...LOL..never thought we would have that. WHAT A BLESSING in this heat.

Also there are ladies that prepare three absolutely delicious meals for us...So wonderful. Louis kept busy in the morning helping in the baby orphanage jealous :)....He also helps the men with whatever handy work they need him for. On a personal note ...the kids are really fascinated with his beard .....That's funny to watch..

In the afternoon we went to the next town to by a few supplies , came home and went right back out to join Luckner who has a Christian radio station and small convenience store in one of the towns. At Luckner's Trade School Karen teaches older students English together with Luckner. Well ,yesterday Louis and I got to join in and taught conversational English. It was very fun.. -At the end the students tried to teach me creole.:).

Louis and Barb at Radio Creole

English class at Trade School

English Class

One thing is for sure when you are on mission like this you have to be ready for very spontaneous serving and sharing in every way.

Those of you who know me ...I could use some prayer in that area. :) LOL That was a full and busy day. One thing is for sure there is no shortage to know what to do. We literally go from one thing to the next. We haven't even unpacked all the bags we brought.....just to show you. But because of the heat it's better to busy.

(Karen here - have to include a photo of my two new friends enjoying mangoes Haitian style.)

Louis & Barb enjoying mangoes

After all the blessings we receive please pray that we are a blessing to them all!! Today one of the mothers that I did laundry with took my arm and said
WE NEED CANADA TO HELP HAITI !!! It's making me cry as I write this..
love to all
Barbara and Louis