Sunday, December 22, 2013

The one who's name we cannot say...

Little Sandra here LOVES Dickie. Uncle Dickie to me. Every day since he was here in Oct she asks my mom when he's coming back.

We arrived last week, when Sandra saw that people arrived and Dickie was not with us, she sobbed and sobbed.

Liette and kids arrived today and we quickly went off to church. Sandra sat by herself, sucking her thumb, with tears running down her cheeks for the first hour (Haitian church takes more than an hour to get started! - Haiti time)

We cannot mention Dickie's name around her or she starts crying again. We now call him Uncle Voldemort.

For the history on this love affair, check out this prior blog:

Dickie & Sandra


Sandra said...

How sweet! Not that she cries when others arrive without him BUT that she still wants him to return! I thought by now she would have forgotten! Blair had to explain the Uncle Voldemort to me! Give her hugs from me...that won't upset her. Haha

Karen said...

Every time she takes my hand, looks into my face, and sweetly says "Mama, Dickie is coming, right?" I fight the tears. Now, because she is not here to see me, I am letting the tears flow. My little Sandra trusts me - her mama - to see that Dickie comes back. I keep telling her that Dickie loves her and he will come back, but later. To a 2 1/2 year old 'later' means tomorrow, or in this case, the next time Mama goes to PAP to pick up people.