Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wow, how time flies when one is busy -

- dealing with a lot of different things, including electrical problems, with electrical problems comes internet problems, water problem, sick children, one child having had surgery, sick house mothers, keeping up administration at the school, at the main compound, and mothering the children - some of them sick. All in a days work!


Having the Reimers on board is good. They have been here almost a month and have quickly become an important part of the HATS family. Brad is here, there and everywhere doing what is necessary. We are starting already to share the airport pickups with Brad. Tomorrow the two directors are able to stay at HATS and do necessary work as Brad will go to the airport with Yawel and Daniel to pick up our wonderful Texas team. This is a win win situation as they get picked up in the same way as if we were going, and we get to keep up with the work at home.

We are being challenged with electrical problems, which we thought were caused by the main inverter. We took it to PAP for repairs only to be told there is nothing wrong with it. It is being picked up tomorrow and will return with the team. It appears that our problems stem from the generator not the inverter. HATS has grown since the purchase of the generator nine years ago. HATS purchased what was needed at that time and what we could afford. We reached a stage now where we have been overtaxing it - trying to have it run more than it is capable of. Lesson learned. Now we are trying to figure out what to cut out and when.

Sunday afternoon we had a fun birthday party for Leica and Lois. The children especially enjoyed roasting weiners and marshmallows.

February birthday girls - Leica and Lois

Birthday party time

We continue with our late afternoon walks as often as possible. It is good to leave the compound, get exercise, laugh and talk and enjoy time together.

We do love our walks

Recently the house mothers and children were blessed and happy to use their new kitchen. It is now in Kay Timbrmart where the girls sleep. It is bigger, much more airy, brighter and has lots of natural light. This was an important change for a few reasons - to reduce the noise level in the Reimers' place; to enable the housemothers working in the kitchen to keep an eye on the children outside; and to enable those of us in charge to supervise the work. This was one of the less expensive and one of the most important little projects completed here.

New and improved kitchen, brighter, lighter and more air flow.

Our children are busy with school, homework, playing, bike riding, walking along the canal and devotions . A lot of children in the area have been suffering from high fevers that last 3-4 days. JJ, Moise, Judel, Jofky, Sandra, Jonathan and now Ti Luc. They keep us on our toes and also keep us amused.

Anne & Jofky lying on steps of Kid's Home

Ti Luc hiding from Germaine on a school morning

Come on Mama, let's go to Papa's

Our Djemima had surgery at the local hospital awhile ago. She is back in school and improving daily. The other children are happy to carry her backpack, etc for her.

Djemima at HAS, Feb 19, 2013

Take me home please Mama

Tomorrow we will have our own David Nance and his team back. You will, hopefully, hear from them while they are here.

Sandra on 'time out' chair

Thanks again for everything you do for the people of this area through HATS.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Karen here folks.

It is more than time to let you know we are all doing well here. You will still hear from me fairly regularly, but I will be sharing blogging with the who are now a part of HATS. The Reimer family already had three years of missionary life in Haiti before joining HATS, so their adjustment to life here is not difficult. They are settled in their home and are involved in everything going on here. I have already delegated some of my load to them and will, slowly and steadily, pass over more. It feels good!!!! If anyone thought I was doing all that I have been for so long because I wanted to, you could not be more mistaken. I continued to do all that was needed to take good care of the children, but I have been wanting to permanently delegate a lot of the load. I am thankful and blessed to be able to share the work load and not have to worry about having to take it back again.

Brad cutting wood for shelves in their kitchen

Brad painted a blackboard then locked his keys inside

Vlaldimy trying to get Brad's keys

For the past eight days, the main house/admin building has had electrical problems. If the generator was not running there was no electricity at all at this house. The inverter that provided electricity through a bank of batteries for this building, decided to quit working. It was interesting to say the least. Without electricity there was no internet service. No internet service at this house meant no internet at the Reimers. Kaeli does a lot of her school work by internet so this effected her. Very little electricity meant warm refrigerators and freezers, which in turn meant food thawing that should not have been. Electricity in Haiti causes a lot of things to have a much shorter life than they would in Canada. Here we have EDH (Haitian electricity, such as it is), generator electricity, and inverter electricity. Electrical appliances (and inverters) have too many types of electricity coursing through them, and it is not good for them. HATS is certainly not the only place here that suffers electricity problems. Without a trustworthy, dependable electrical company all of us will have to continue with sporadic Haitian power, generator power, and inverter and battery power. I am extremely thankful for what HATS has had for the past few years, and hopefully soon will have again.

Kaeli has organized her bedroom

Moving Reliv Kid's Now to our school for our students

Luckner and our battery/inverter service guy, Palto, have been helping with our electrical problems. When Luckner is onsite Ti Luckner likes to claim his attention, as Papa Luckner is very important to Ti Luc.

Big Luckner and Little Luckner

Mama Karen continues to walk along the canal early mornings when possible and almost always is accompanied by 4 or 5 of the older children. If I can't get out they miss it as much as their mama does.

Two of Moise or two of Peter

Saturday morning walk with our kids

In eleven days we have our HATS group from Texas returning, under the leadership of David Nance once again. We are now looking forward to renewing friendships with those we know and making a couple of new friends.

Thank you for everything you do through HATS and for the people in Haiti, especially the children, can never be said often enough or forcefully enough. I can never blog without saying thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. May the Lord bless each and every one of you.

I T   I S    A L L    A B O U T   T H E    C H I L D R E N

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello friends,

Thank you for praying that we would be part of God’s plan. We appreciate your prayers and pray God’s blessings on you for supporting us.

We are settled! From the moment we arrived, Kaeli has been saying, “We’re home, we’re home!” And yes, we’re home. We are ready to learn what Karen would have us do. Already, I attended a meeting with Luckner, Karen, and all the house mothers. Many things were clarified for me and I have an idea of what my job there will be. Please pray for me, that my Creole would continue to improve so I can understand Creole spoken at full speed. Please pray for Marta and me, that our relationship would be blessed and that we can lead the house mothers to a peaceful contentment with their work. They have a big job to do, what with caring for the children, cooking their meals, cleaning the two houses, and washing & ironing all the children’s clothes. They must work together….we know that many hands make light work. Marta is a wonderful lady who supervises the house mothers and purchases supplies for the orphanage. She measures out the food for the house moms to cook. Everything is done with care, that the donations coming in would be used for the work God has planned for this mission.

We are hoping that all we do can lighten Karen’s load. Brad will start checking toilets and sinks for leaks and he needs to treat the septic tank regularly. He will start learning how to keep up with the accounting, recording how each dollar is spent. Karen and Brad have to get all the keys figured out so Brad can have his own set and be able to find what he needs.

After I get the kids started in school and we ask for prayer that they might be able to work independently so that I can help Karen with communications.

Karen has been wonderful and I’m sure she feels like she’s been talking non-stop as each question asked requires some history, some facts and some thoughts for the future. She is trying to give us the full picture, which we appreciate. She has had everyone around involved in getting our house set up for us and we are quite enjoying the home we have.

We have spent time with the children we came to serve, playing with them in the yard, walking along the canal, and checking out their school. Already, their personalities are showing and we haven’t found one who isn’t ticklish. There is certainly energy in abundance here.

Kaeli is loving being back with babies and she is once again a baby magnet. The little ones fight over who can sit on her lap and she willingly plays all the games they can come up with. Already braided, she feels very much at home and is looking forward to starting school next week.

the baby magnet

Peter has found Moise and JJ to be his buddies. They play soccer, ride bikes and go for walks by the canal. Right now, the boys are washing the truck…I’ll go get some pictures and I bet the truck is not the only thing that’s wet!! ….as you can see, ALL the boys were 'washing the truck'...ahem.

Washing the truck ?

Something we have been very grateful for these last few days is our house staff Margeurite. She has been preparing amazing fact we have had to tell her to cut down. She was preparing two full meals and I don't want to become a gwo mama!! Everything she has made for us has been so tasty; rice with beans, chicken sauce, spaghetti & meat sauce, meatballs, a dish like shepherds pie, pumpkin soup, salad, fancy tuna such a few days. We've tried a new vegetable, called callaloo (sp?) that I really like and the kids will eat too:) Can't wait for the mangoes to come into season. I will try freezing some and if I had had room for jars, I would have brought some down, as Brad & I would love to can some. Anything to have mango season last longer!! Our meals will be Haitian, except for pancakes for Peter, waffles by Brad, tiny rations of cheese, green apples for Kaeli and banana bread by Mom. We are blessed.

And now for a prayer request. Next week is Mardi Gras. Many of the staff have three days off next week, including our Marguerite. Let's pray for God's presence to be felt, for God's people to continue to shine -- ourselves included, and for Him to be glorified. God is awesome and can do all this.

Love to you all and thank you for praying

Lois for us all

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Reimer family,

Brad, Lois, Kaeli and Peter, are at HATS-Haiti. Welcome to the HATS family.

Yesterday Luckner and I with our police security, Daniel, went to Port-au-Prince to pick up the Reimers. Enroute we were able to deliver a pastor that Luckner knew, and a bunch of students from the pastor's school, to their school site. The kids were thrilled to be getting a ride with us.

Our truck turned into school bus.

Truck, including back seat and even in front in Karen's arms filled with students

At the airport I managed to talk my way inside so I could get carts and help get the four of them and their 27 pieces of luggage outside as fast as possible. None of us are comfortable driving after dark. Things arrived in good shape - thanks to Air Canada. One piece of luggage was a surprise - it was moving. They have a little dog, Tippy.

Lois with Kaeli shortly after their arrival at airport

Brad with Peter waiting for luggage

Luggage is piling up

Luckner and Brad tying lots of it into the truck

The rental van also filled

The children were all outside in the yard, despite the the darkness, waiting, dancing, and singing as we drove in.

The Reimers were welcomed by the employees this morning in devotions. Now I want to give them a couple of days to settle in their house before they get thrown into work.

It is good to see two new children in the yard- one extra chocolate and one vanilla - enjoying time with our children. Kaeli and Peter accepted our kids immediately and fit in like they have been here for a long time.

Kaeli's first day she had to go to the HATS beauty parlour

Thank you for praying for the Reimer family during their time of preparation to return to Haiti to work with HATS, and for their safe arrival last night. Please continue to pray for them as they settle into their missionary lives and work at HATS-Haiti.

Thank you one and all for your support for the work here that is helping many children.



Monday, February 4, 2013

Hi, Karen here.

This is day six since the last blog. The reason is the HATS family members from Canada have come and gone.

We had another week with my family members - Dickie, Sandra and Jim after Pastor Dave and Jess had left. It was a busy week. Lots of odd jobs were finished. I do declare Dickie is as difficult to pin down or find as I am. He, too, runs all over the place doing, doing, doing. He was 'the man' on odd jobs. He was here, there and everywhere doing and fixing. He mastered my "Dickie Do List" and found lots more that needed doing. Thank you so very much Dickie.

Last night for this year - two tired men

Jim helped with some projects, albeit mostly in a supervisor position. LOL. He, however, was 'the man' for my computer problems. Thank you very much Jim for all the boring hours spent in my office. Thank you, too, for your photographic skills.

Sandra worked in the office, in the yard as 'Chicken Lady' - giving out 70 chickens (chased many around the yard), in the food storage room giving out food to many people, and at the school. A well rounded assistant for me here as well as in Canada. Sandra, thank you, thank you.

Last night of work.  Isn't a file folder supposed to be used as a fan.

All three spent lots of time blessing the children as well and I do believe they were blessed too. The children always find it difficult when they leave. Today our kids asked about you Dickie, Sandra and Jim. In church this morning the children there asked about you too. They all wanted to know when you would be coming back. It is obvious I am not the only one who misses you greatly. God bless the three of you as you continue to work for HATS from Canada.

Heading for airport in HATS convertible

Nearing PAP taken from back seat of truck

Safe arrival at airport

When Luckner and I drove them to the airport in PAP I entered the airport too. I took a needed refreshing three day break in Florida with friends Maxi and Laurie Wilson. They are there for three months in a lovely condo on the beach. Maxi and I grew up in Newfoundland together but had not had any time together for more years than either of us want to admit. Friendship and love, however, has no boundaries and no expiry date. The time we had together was short but was certainly not short on laughter, fun, good food and fellowship. It was the best 'retreat' I could have had. Good for the body and the soul.

Sunset from Maxi and Laurie's balcony

Wonderful sound of waves - heard inside their place

Thank you so very much Maxi and Laurie. I enjoyed every minute of our time together. Two goofy Newfie's together are bound to have a good time. Add Laurie to the mix and it was a blast. Laurie was not born a Newfie, and he is no Newfie Wannabee - he is definitely 'one of we'. God bless the both of you.

Walking on beach.  Karen in four layers of clothes.

In flight from the waves

On Tuesday Luckner and I will return to the airport again. This time we will be picking up the Reimer family who are coming to join, and work with, the HATS family. More on the Reimers at HATS, with photos, later. Please pray for this family who have shut down their lives in Canada to join Luckner and I in this work, in this very different and difficult part of the world, to help HATS continue to make a difference.

Thank you for all your continued support with finances, encouragement, and prayer. We are all a part of HATS-Haiti. We can't do what we do here without you.

Remember: IT   IS   ALL   ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN

With that in mind, to finish off, I must add a couple of photos of the children.




God bless you. Karen