Monday, February 24, 2014

Go Canada Go.

Yeah Canada.   Medals for Canada.  Canada is doing well.

I have been enjoying reading this on facebook.  I, however, have seen nothing - nuttin a tall bye of the Olympics. This is not by choice.; What TV I do get here shows nothing of the Olympics. I have searched channels many times - but nothing. I have read about nail biting hockey games and other sports that I wish I could have seen. I try to look for something good in everything. Thus, I am settling for the fact that by seeing nothing my nerves are still intact. No one has needed to hear me say 'Oh me nerves bye, oh me nerves.

While you folks have been able to watch the fantastic sports on TV, I have watched video clips of my granddaughter, Ariane, doing gymnastics. I am posting on this blog a photo of Ariane doing gymnastics Canadian style and of a boy here doing gymnastics Haitian style.

Ariane was doing a beam routine which no doubt would have had thick mats around in case of a fall.

Canada gymnastics - Ariane

The boy doing the back flips was doing his sport in sawdust that was covering a pile of garbage.

Gymnastics in Haiti

Canada - Haiti gymnastics at its best

One learns to make do with what one has.  Ariane is wearing a beautiful gymnastic suit.  This boy is wearing his birthday suit. (Keith, when here, put the Haitian flag on the appropriate place in the photos for me.) I enjoy watching both these athletes, from two different worlds, and would encourage them both to continue to do the best they can, with what they have, where God has placed them.

Keith is missed here on site.  Missed a great deal. The team did a great job on the project but the everyday things, including helping Ti Luc with his school work, that Keith took care of has been struggling since he left.  Mama Karen does not speak French. She can help Ti Luc with times tables and multiplication only.Germaine does what she can to help Ti Luc but more help is needed.

Ti Luc still in pajamas doing school work without Keith.

Our little Jonathan has been fighting against potty training.  Mama Karen has been fighting back and telling the house mothers "it is time!!" I resorted to bribes as I did with Sandra (bribes make everything work in this country so why not??) The promise of candy and chocolate is helping a little. Too, Jonathan wants to show Mama he is a big boy now.

I am a big boy now Mama

I can dress myself too Mama.

In our church service this morning I gave Jofky the box drum to play. He was beyond thrilled. He did very well with it and said "Mama, I am going to be even better than JJ when I get big like him."

Jofky playing the box drum in church

There were a lot of children in church this morning, and three went to the back and lay down to sleep. All three were mine. There must be a message of some kind in that. Up too late? Up too early? Comfortable enough to do so?

Up too late or up too early perhaps.

Sunday mornings when church is over I oversee the gathering of the instruments, books, and especially of the children. I don't usually need to oversee the adults - especially security. Today my kids were outside but Richard, our chief security, was locked inside. Now where on earth would my kids learn to play jokes like this??

Church is over. My kids are on the outside but security is locked inside.  Where would my kids learn to do something like that I wonder.

The construction of our church is moving along nicely. Pillars and posts are being poured and the strengthening belt part way up has just been done. This building is going to be a tremendous blessing when finished. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this construction a possibility.

Church construction

Thank you for all the help in many varied ways that allows this mission to continue to serve the children of Haiti.


God bless each and every one of you.   Karen

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Thank you for coming.  Thank you for working on the top of the house in direct sunlight - no shade whatsoever.  Not only working like this, but without any complaints.  No complaints from the two young ones or from those middle age and onwards.  You were a great group.

Thank you too for all the awesome supplies that came with you.  I went upstairs today expecting to find a few things to sort out and bless people with.  Mezanmi!!  Oh my goodness!!   I found two beds FULL as well as half the floor space.  Many people in the area will indeed be blessed.  I must admit that I was surprised as well to find all the things you brought beautifully organized and laid out so nicely for me to go through.  This was done by a team of men!! Surprise indeed!  You not only do roofing and sing well.  I have to admit that I double checked with Germaine to see if you guys had enlisted her help.  Thank you to everyone in Canada who donated the clothes, shoes, dolls, knitted doll clothes, etc, etc.

There is always a time to leave as well as to arrive.  The team spent valuable time on the last night playing with the children and saying Bye.   Always a lot easier to arrive and get welcoming hugs than to say 'bye' and get farewell hugs.

Farewell time on the last night.

Farewell cute little Anne

Fun on the last night.

Love them. Leave them.

Ti Fi with godfather Gerry on the last night

The team arose very early Tuesday morning, actually shocked me to see how early, and then waited patiently for the bus, which did not arrive.  Last minute change of plans needed.  Luckner's truck would go along with Karen's (HATS) truck.  We made it to the airport in the two hours normal travel time.   At the mission site when the team entered the trucks to leave the compound Ti Luc quickly climbed in too.  He had to be forced back out as he wanted to go to Canada. He cried and informed me that I always promise he is going to Canada but it never happens.

Brian and Ti Luc together until the very last minute morning of leaving

No bus. Waiting for Yawel to arrive with Luckner's truck

No bus. No problem.

Forcing Ti Luc out of the truck. He was determined to go to Canada too.

Once more I ask for your prayers for us to receive Ti Luc's passport in his correct name.  We want and need to receive it soon.  Thank you for joining us in prayer for this.

Airport arrival

Bye Guys

Again, thank you to the team.  Thank you to the family members who made it possible for them to come and for managing in the snow and freezing temperatures without them.  Thank you to every Canadian who supported HATS with all the donations for the children in our church, our school, and throughout our area.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Well folks It is our last day....

....and there is always a certain amount of sadness and joy when we come to the end of a trip . We look forward to our homes and loved ones but there is a part of us that wants to stay and be near these dear dear children. They open their hearts and arms to you when you enter the front gate.  They give you laughter and tears all week long and then they cry and hug you  when they know you are going away . Being near that kind of unconditional love  effects us all very  deeply.  So we leave part of our hearts here and promise to return.

Blogger Gerry

Jonathan cuddling with Gerry

Sandra cuddling with Brian De

Saturday night we were at Radio Station Creole giving our testimony in word and song of our great love for our Lord and Savior  Jesus, how He has changed our lives  and made us more than we could ever be without Him.   I really believe that this radio station is having a profound effect on all the people of this valley in a very positive way. There are many stories of people coming to accept the Lord through the message of love given out thru this media which reaches thousands of people.  God can use anything and anybody as long as they are open to His direction  for their lives.

Radio Creole

I must say that there was twice this week when  my heart swelled and I felt the presence of God in a really really strong way.  Once when we were taking part in the early morning devotion at the school, when you get to see and hear 150 kids worshiping God with everything they have and see  teachers worshiping right along with them .

Very back of devotion room at school

Devotions is finished. Flag is about to be raised.

Then Sunday morning at Church, 110 Haitians of all ages but mostly young  children, teenagers and a few white guys all worshiping God.  To see the joy on their faces as they worship is a wonderful thing .  We have  a great team.    I think all were called to be here and they worked so very very  hard all week long.  Thank you guys you were fantastic.  I am sure that they will answer the call again when God calls on them to serve Him, wherever that may be. 

Canadian team singing in church

The final work was completed, the roofing showed up in the afternoon and the guys were right on it to make sure they left with their work completed.   So we bid you adieu, thank you for following our week . Thank you for your prayers and support.  

Very thankful more roofing was found in PAP

Bob & Brian putting finishing touches on the roof

As a final thought we are in constant need of people to support our school program.  If you feel God's leading in this please get in contact with us. Thank you and God Bless You All. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hi folks Bob the Builder here.

I was told to write a blog so don't check my spelling too close.

Blogger Bob with the two finger peck

Coming to Haiti is always a treat for me. I always push myself hard to help these people.  If the only thing I can do in my life is make a difference in someones life then I die a contented person. For some people it takes a lifetime to realize that we take too much for granted.  We have so much and these folks have so little in materials but so much in life.  They are not worried about their internet going down or what their next car will be. These folks think of what their next meal might be or better yet if there is going to be another one.

 My Grandson Luke  made some bracelets made out of rubber bands and I gave some to the kids. I bet you they liked them as much as some of our kids like their I phones or computers.  Thank you Luke, they liked them very much.  Well our week is coming to an end. Our project is also coming to a halt. We are short some sheets of plastic roofing. So if we can locate more we are going to try to finish.  If not we won't be able to.  I hate to leave with a project not finished.   It is hot here.

HATS children with their bracelets from Luke

I have been watching the goings on next door on the Church being built. The boys are doing an awesome job. Its going to be nice to worship in that new building.  It is hot here.

Church construction

The guys are working hard.  Makes me think we might be in competition.  We push and look they push and look and wave.  These guys are hard workers.  That's why I want to get as much done as we can to show we care. We want to leave here knowing that we left with nothing for them to finish.  (Its really pretty warm)

Last night we spent some time at Radio Creole.  It was a special time.

Special time at Radio Creole

I am Godfather to two sweet little girls Karena and Leica.  I got to give them some dolls as gifts. Now what's better than that. We are spending time with the kids here and the ones at the school at recess. I was here two years ago and what a difference in the kids.  They are growing like weeds.  Phew its hot.

Godfather Bob with Karena & Leica

Haiti in the last few visits is changing . A lot of changes from the earthquake.
Good changes. The roads are better the roadsides are cleaner.  There are less tents and more permanent homes. Maybe not to our standards but homes none the less.  Coming off of what we call kidnap alley I noticed the whole mountain  side that was once peppered with tents is now half empty of tents and some permanent  homes are in place.  In some  other places that had no homes now some are built.  Big changes have happened. 2009 I think was my first time here.  The road to get here being about 90 kilometers had about 10 kilometers of pavement . Now the road is great.  I look and we make it here in 2 hours and some compared to 3 and more.  So many improvements have been made for the good of the people. People like myself try to make a difference in at least one person but together we are making a difference for many.  I'm just grateful that I can do this.  Only because at home I have an understanding wife with a bigger heart than mine.  A lady that takes care of  business with and without me there. Thank you LINDA for allowing me to be part of this .  ( Man its hot)

This morning we had an awesome worship service.  We had close to 120 in attendance.  It was hot!!

Church this morning
Construction is not the only thing they do well

Ti Riviere.  We went up to Ti Riviere today we see the house (palace) built by Henri Christoph.  The palace had to be something else in it's time. It has 365 doors. Any thing over 10 and I get lost. I'd be no good there. We then went to the old fort what a view in the valley breath taking in itself. (Oh did I say it was hot.)

Inside the palace with 365 doors

Checking around the palace property

Inside the fort at Ti Riviere

This afternoon Brian De did a drumming workshop outside Karen's place with some of the children.  They do love drumming.  

Drumming workshop by Brian De

Well that's all I have to say for now GOD bless everyone who partakes of this experience     BOB THE BUILDER

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good day:

This is Bernie Melanson writing today's blog. This is my first trip to Haiti and I'm hoping that it will not be my last! I could start by telling you all about my experiences however I'll start by saying that Haiti DOES hit you in your heart! Not a day goes by when I'm not fighting back tears.

Blogger Bernie

My friends Please continue to pray for Mother Haiti. It has been 4 years since the earth quake and there are still reminders every where!

Hands Across the Sea is an amazing place! Our team has been assembled of different men that all who all felt God calling them to do his bidding. Since I have been here I was quick to realize that we are just helpers here. Karen and her team of workers are, what I believe to be, the real workers of God! Each child presents their own challenges and Karen and her staff make sure that all of the children, not one child, are seen to!

It doesn't take but a few moments with these children for them to steal your hearts! It's a wonderful feeling when they take a shining to you. Just last evening after dark I played a little basketball (maybe I should say attempted to play basketball) with a few of the children when one of the younger girls came to me. I had seen her many times before, once pushing her on a swing. She looked at me in the darkness and motioned for me to give her my arm. I reached out my hand thinking that she wanted me to push her on the swing again. She opened her hands and put a bracelet on my wrist. Then she gave me a big hug. I hugged her back so tightly! All I can tell you is that I had to step back from the play ground and try to recompose myself. Later, while in my bed I sobbed.

This morning Karen, Isaiah, Matthew and myself went for a walk down the canal this morning. The children along with Karen led the way. We seen some of the local workers working their fields. They don't have much to work with however what they were working with you can bet that God supplied it! They work with none of the mordern tools (tractors etc.) and they get the job done. What gifts God gave them they used! God is good to them whether they believe in Him or not! 

An enjoyable morning walk

Another scene on our morning walk

Getting an early start on her laundry

Male walkers

Our morning walk

Rice being harvested and animals eating the rest

An awesome job continues to be done on the roof of Karen's place. 

Ton of work by a fantastic crew

View from water tower

My friends I know, and believe me I know, that there are days that we question our God. Why doesn't he do this for me, when will this happen, why didn't I get that car, hurry up God! After my experience, all I can tell you is that whether we believe it or not God is working in our life every minute of everyday! We truly serve an AWESOME GOD!

Praise His Name! Amen!