Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Guess who...

....has returned to visit us for a week.  Yes, Jessie and Seth. We are all very happy to have them back again and no one more so than Mama Karen. She is thrilled to have help onsite again. 

Look who has returned to visit their HATS family

Jessie and Seth lived and worked with us for a year and left us as two. Now they have a little girl at home they hope to adopt and a baby on the way. They are having a boy. Yay! Thank you God.

Seth has been doing some minor plumbing repairs today. Jessie has been teaching Ti Luc to read in English, preparing pay envelopes and paying the employees, and both are spending valuable time with the children, plus doing everything possible to help where ever needed.

Parachute game

Where is everyone

Our two new boys are doing well. They are settling in nicely and glad to have us as their family. Markenson, age 4, has been a normal little boy, trying us on to see what he can get away with and learning it is not much.  He smiles a lot these days and on Monday he will start attending our school.

Our two new boys ready to see doctor again

Markenson smiles a lot these days

Sonson is opening up too, likes to play with the little ones and loves to spend time with Mama Karen  Two more little ones have been saved.

Judel with Sonson


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Thank you to those of you who came forward to sponsor these boys. We have had more offers to sponsor than we needed.  Thanks so very much.

Big boys glad to play with Seth again

Brotherly fun

Craft time

Time for a walk

All the children are happy to be back at school.  Too they are thrilled to have Seth and Jessie back again for awhile. When Seth and Jessie have to leave again the kids will have only two weeks to wait to get Keif and Jon back. More help is on the way and Karen is absolutely thrilled about that.

Thank you once more for caring and helping.  We can't do what we do here to help children without all of you supporting us.

I T   I S   A L L    A B O U T    T H E   C H I L D R E N

God bless.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Our HATS family has grown.

Two little boys (brothers) from the mountains have joined us.  They are Markenson - 4 and Sonson - 1 1/2.

Sonson is 1 and five months and Markenson is 4

The first time Luckner and I saw the children we thought - a boy, perhaps 2 to 2 1/2 and a younger girl, and neither one in good shape.  HATS employees and HATS children thought likewise.  We quickly discovered it was two little boys, one being four and the other a year and five months.

The first time we saw our two new children

Those of you affiliated with HATS know that Luckner and I do not normally move quickly to take children into the family.  We like to check and recheck the stories and situations, etc. This time, however, after hearing the story we moved quickly and welcomed the two children, who were badly in need, into our family and into our hearts.

Heading to the shower

Markenson and Sonson have been motherless for some time.  Both are malnourished, both have pneumonia and possibly the littlest one has Sickle Cell Disease.  The first thing Luckner and I decided was to have them carefully checked out medically. The hospital in our area had a positive result for Sickle Cell in Sonson.  Blood work was redone and we are awaiting results from Port au Prince.
Sickle Cell is a red blood cell disorder inherited from parents.  Thanks to advancements now in early diagnosis and treatment for Sickle Cell most kids born with this inherited disorder can grow up to live active, healthy and productive lives.
We are praying and hoping that if the test returns positive that our cute little Sonson will grow up here having an active and healthy life.

Markenson playing with Mama Karen

Markenson, Sonson, Jonathan and Magdala

They are settling in nicely as part of the family.  Sonson loves to be with Mama Karen.  He needs lot of hugs and cuddles and he is getting it.  Office work is being left undone but the boys are being well looked after.  Markenson is learning that our family has rules and order coupled with love and affection.

Hair cut started for Sonson

I look like a cute little boy now Mama

We need sponsors for our two new children - sponsors for both of them at orphanage and Markenson needs one for schooling.  Anyone willing to sponsor one of these cute little boys can get in touch with me, or my sister Sandra at 902-7423-5234 (, or my daughter Liette at 403-220-1012 (  Thank you in advance for helping a child in need.


Sonson with sister Magdala

This week was a birthday celebration week.  We celebrated Judel and Magdala's birthdays from August and Jonathans's was last week.  Markenson and Sonson had only arrived and were not sure what on earth was going on but they both sure liked the cake and juice.

Our three birthday kids

Jonathan is now the happy owner of a bike - a gift from Canada - which he will be sharing with his little brothers and sisters.  They, of course, all want to ride at the same time, but there are not enough bikes to go around.  Taking turns and staying patient is being learned.

Jonathan on his birthday bike

We continue to take afternoon walks as often as we can.  We all love to go outside, walk and play.

Afternoon walk

Jofky with Ti Fi

Karena and Sonson

Thank you once more for all your suppor.  Your prayers, your encouragement and your financial help is the reason we can continue to take little children in need.  We all belong to the HATS-Haiti Mission and we all work together to better the lives of children.

IT   I S    A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N

God bless.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

We are home and settled back in.

Even though Ti Luc continued to insist, up until the day of departure from Halifax airport, he wanted to return to Newfoundland he has settled back into life in Haiti.  He did not have a contented expression until we left Montreal.  He then realized he really was not going back to Newfoundland and so he started thinking about seeing everyone here.

Leaving Montreal

We left Yarmouth, after spending wonderful memorable days with family and friends,  to start our return.

Loving his adorable cousin Ellie

We in the company of a wonderful couple that we also stayed with overnight in Halifax, Nicki and Mike White. They took us to the airport in two vehicles as we had four large suitcases and a carry on. (That is what we left Halifax with and rechecked in Montreal) They helped get us checked in and saw us through security.  Wow, another very nice couple who are going to be helping HATS this year. Ti Luc and I are really looking forward to having them come here later on to help wherever necessary.

With Nicki and Mike

Due to having four suitcases, plus a carry-on and Ti Luc in a wheelchair I knew it would be impossible for me to handle things without help.  Help arrived in Montreal at arrivals with an extremely nice Air Canada agent who went above and beyond.  She helped us get our luggage stored overnight in the storage room at airport and made sure the hotel shuttle arrived before leaving us.

The following morning the cart with four large suitcases needed to be picked up from the storage room, taken upstairs to AC and rechecked.  I pushed Ti Luc in his chair while he controlled our carry-on by holding it between his knees and had it roll along with us.  So far so good, but how to manage picking up the other luggage. No way for that to happen without help.  Then along came a Good Samaritan.  What an awesome man he turned out to be. Ti Luc and I were blessed both days in Montreal airport by very helpful people.

The Good Samaritan who helped us a lot in Montreal airport

Ti Luc was extremely glad to see Papa Luckner in Port au Prince and his siblings, along with  Germaine and other employees when we arrived at the mission.  He was home.  The following morning, after devotions, he told me he was glad to see everyone again but he was really glad that he now has two homes - Newfoundland and Haiti. What a kid!

I was very proud of Ti Luc at the Haiti airport as he had to sit in his chair for more than two hours in the arrivals department. We checked four suitcases in Montreal but received three in PAP.  He sat very patiently watching and waiting.

Waiting patiently in PAP airport

We were the last people to leave the arrivals area after filling in papers on the missing suitcase. Things were not straightforward as the long paper tag that an agent in the departing airport attaches to a suitcase was located going around and around on the carousel but no suitcase to be found. It belonged to my missing suitcase. The lost suitcase is the one that held the things we had been wearing and using for weeks including new clothes purchased in Canada.  The agent in PAP did not give me much hope of the suitcase showing up later as she believed it had arrived and the identifying tag had been removed. I, however, am still hoping it may have been found in Montreal. The missing contents are not replaceable here.

We eventually left the arrivals area, reunited with Daniel inside airport and Luckner outside, and headed home.  We were pleased to be together again and catching up on things when we saw vehicles turning around in the road and heading back towards us due to a 'blokis' ahead.  Daniel and Luckner got on their phones and found out there was indeed trouble ahead and traffic would not be able to get through that day. Okay, change of plans, we needed to redo our route and drive home over the Mon Kabrit route.  We finally drove onto the compound at approx 8:30 pm.

Don't think we are going to get very far

To say all the children were glad to see us return would be an understatement.  There were joyful hugs with shouts of glee and Ti Luc was being lifted and carried around the compound.

Welcome Home

Together again

School had opened the day before our arrival so the children had to be settled down and sent off to bed in preparation of another school day.  The children were glad to come to the house for prayer before school the next morning.

Ready for Preschool and Elem (minus Leica & Ti Luc)

Moise Grade 7 and J J Grade 9

Djemima - Grade 8

 Ti Luc did not attend school the day after our arrival but did go yesterday and again today.  He will be home schooled in English this year but he will also attend the grade five class here at the mission a couple of times a week for the  socialization and to keep his Creole and French up.  He is unable yet to start his schooling in English as we do not have our curriculum.  He is quite looking forward to doing his subjects in English and at home.

At the present time there is a ton of work to be done at the school as well as here in administration office. I am here without help and I am trying to not overdo it.  Not easy for me but I am doing my best.

Thank you to every person who touched our lives during our time in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  We were blessed indeed.  May God bless all of you.

Karen and Ti Luc

Monday, September 14, 2015

Ride for Refuge

The Ride for Refuge is a family-friendly cycling and walking fundraiser that helps charities and their supporters to raise money for their work with the displaced, vulnerable and exploited.  Events are organized in locations across Canada (  Each location offers one or more routes for bicycling (10 km, 25 km, and even 50 km options) or walking (5 km).  A marked route, snacks, and other services are provided by volunteer teams at each site.  There is also a “Ride/Walk Anywhere” program which helps organizations or teams run smaller local events for a particular charity if there is no nearby full Ride for Refuge event scheduled. 

Participants in the Ride sign up as part of a team.  Each Team selects a charity that they want to support, works to raise funds to meet their personal targets, and then bikes or walks their chosen route on Ride Day, October 3, 2015.

This year, HATS is pleased to be part of the Ride for Refuge.  We currently have three teams registered who will be raising funds to help support our work with orphans and vulnerable children in Haiti.  There is a 5 km walk team in Calgary, a 10 km bicycle team in East Toronto, and a 25 km bicycle team in Halifax.

Would you like to take part?  There is room with our teams, or you can form your own at any location.  If you don’t want to ride or walk yourself, we would love to have your support as a donor for one of our teams!

For more information, please visit the HATS page on the Ride for Refuge web site, at!

Friday, September 11, 2015

The continuation of Ti Luc's time in eastern Canada continues and is coming to a close.

Ti Luc loved every minute of his time in Newfoundland and did not want to leave. The plane ride from Deer Lake to Halifax showed a sad boy, with tears being shed, and the words “I don't understand Mama. Why we have to leave?” His spirits picked up when I mentioned seeing Dickie and Sandra and family, and members of our HATS family. But then, “We go back to Newfoundland after Yarmouth!!!” Right Mama!

Very sad about having to leave Newfoundland

He is loving his time in Yarmouth with our family, Sandra, Dickie, Blair, Danielle, Molly, Lexi, Cliffy and Ellie. He is enjoying time with various members of our HATS family, which included a Haiti get-together for HATS people at the home of our own Bob The Builder and Linda's house.

Dickie has love and patience for nephew Ti Luc & grandson Cliffy

Do you need me to explain it one more time Uncle Dickie

Enjoying time with pretty cousin Lexi 

Fun cousin time on the beach 

Love spending  time with my Auntie Sandra in Canada.  This is really nice

Sunday morning with sweet cousin Molly

This morning, Thursday, I thought it wise to talk quietly with him about the very few days we have left in Canada. I explained we would be driving to Halifax after church on Sunday with Nicki and Mike, who are coming to HATS later this year to help for approx three months, and Nicki and Mike would be driving us to airport Monday morning. His response “That good they come to help but I not there. I not go back Mama. I go back to Newfoundland and you too.”

With HATS own  beautiful Jocelyn

Hard day of work for Brian De & Ti Luc on Labour Day

Ti Luc working with Ed in the construction business

An awesome way to finish a superb HATS get-together at the lovely home of Bob and Linda

HATS' Bob The Builder at a Haiti party hosted by he and Linda

Love you and Will Dr Laurie

Party hugs with Maria

Receiving love from Brian De, Ron (Won) and Louise (Weesie)

So glad HATS Cory came to see us

It seems I had better do a lot more quiet time chatting with our boy.

I know we are missed. I know Luckner is overworked big time. I know we are greatly needed back there. I also know that this five weeks has been of major importance to both Ti Luc and I. I thank God for this break and for the kindness and support from every person in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Thank you. God bless you all.

Karen and Ti Luc