Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 25th, 2016

Yesterday we all arrived safely at HATS Haiti, well almost!!! We were delighted to see Karen’s welcoming smile at the airport, and it appeared that the chaos we experienced a year ago upon arrival had changed. Well, that was before the team was being led by Daniel to the vehicle and oops no Todd or Karen. The team was separated after Daniel’s vehicle had been moved. After sometime Todd and Karen appeared oblivious to the stress the rest of the team experienced.

Upon arrival we enjoyed playing with the kids, meeting the new children, and set up camp on the roof which is always fun.

We were surprised by how early darkness came compared to previous years. However, it gave us an opportunity to meet Mike and Nikki, who have been here almost 3 months and are beautiful additions to the HATS family. Karen told us a story or two before bedtime which has always been the teams favourite evening event. We ended our night with a group prayer and fell asleep very quickly.

Today, the team concentrated on two main areas; unpacking the mounds of donations including gifts for sponsored children. At the school, the team was busy providing various ‘health promotion activates’. Everyone received a toothbrush, multivitamins, and essential teaching. A teacher and first time mother, dropped by with her newborn and Jenny taught her the essentials of caring for her baby. Jenny suggested if she had any problems, she would be willing to take the baby back to Canada! Ha

We were reminded that it is rainy season in Haiti when the torrential rains started late afternoon. Nikki was so happy to feel cool for the first time in 3 months as she stood soaked outside.

We will all sleep well tonight … Todd & Jenny


Dickie MacDonald said...

Well done and great Blog.

Catherine Gutjahr said...

looks like a great team can't wait to hear more.

Sandra said...

Great to see all your smiling faces in Haiti again.
Thank you for all you have done and are going to do. I know there will be lots of fun and laughter. Enjoy every minute together.

Keith said...

Welcome to HATS Haiti.
I hope Karen, Mike and Nicki have a loooong to do list for your team!!