Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 29/16. Hello out there in Blogland ! (This blog coming a little late.)

First, it is Mothers’ Day in Haiti, so  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all Moms wherever  you are in the country of Haiti

Our day started off with a BANG !!  It may be Mother’s Day , but we still had some preparations to finish. Decorations were made but still had to be put up in the church.  More loot bags had to be filled to be sure each person who attended church was equally treated.  Pictures had to be taken of the children and Mama in their new clothes as well as with the Team members and Nicki and Mike.

Mama Karen with the children

Going to miss these two wonderful people

Our little princess

Sisters by choice

All this before heading out the door, tambourines and drums in hand, for church at 9:30.   At church we enjoyed uplifting music, a message about Mothers by Mike, a group singing by the HATS children, a solo by a young man, and a group singing by the Springdale Team, and a singing by a young peoples group.  What a wonderful Service.  And did we  say it was hot !

Group singing for us

Sleeping in Lacee's arms

Alycia with sweet Flo

Sunday morning

After church we were served a delicious lunch by a special mom, our own Germaine. Fried chicken, brown mushroom rice with Creole/onion sauce. I really want to bring Germaine home with me!  Today is not only Mother's Day but two special birthdays as well!! Happy Birthday Karen and Todd!! What a fun day it was going to be! Lots of celebrating, fun with the children and cake of course.

On a sad note, Nicki and Mike who have been with HATS for the past three months will be leaving with our team on Tuesday. We are sure a piece of their heart will be left behind. Thank you both for giving so much to HATS during your stay. And what would a farewell be without a few practical jokes??? A frantic call was made to Mike and Nicki asking them to please come quickly because Karen was sick and they were needed. Little did they know that the troops had assembled and were preparing for battle. Mike comes running up the walkway, attempting to button his shirt with Nicki racing behind, only to be plastered with water balloons!!!  Then we really started our battle. Whenever we are here we always have a water fight with the children and this time was no exception!! Our fun was to continue with a sports day but that quickly came to a halt as Mother Nature rained on our parade. It is Mothers Day after all!!! Thunder, lightening and sheets of rain are enjoyed so very much while sitting inside looking out.

Getting ready the fast way

Hit them Jenny

Fun with water

Go Lacee go

Look at the men go

It has been very nice to have a short lazy time to sit and reflect on our week thus far.  We have accomplished most of the things we had come for as well as a few others and some things here still waiting to be done.  Food has been measured out and some has been picked up by students and families. Sponsored students whose sponsors sent gifts along with us to show their love have been distributed to the students in question.  All this done while some of the group was finishing their health assessments and others were spending recess time playing in the school yard with the students, trying to also answer their interesting questions.

School students coming to get a gift from their sponsors in NL brought down by the team

Don with a student who received a gift via the team from her sponsors in Springdale

Evening came with us gathering in the devotion room for a birthday celebration.  The kids were so excited to be having cake and juice for Mama and Todd's birthday!  Soooooo many candles on the cake!!  Dare we say the total was 117 years??    We then surprised the children with a new item of clothing, some of which was made by Springdale sewers as well as the Busy Bees. Thank you so much!!  We wish you could personally see the joy on their faces!!  Mama Karen's joy was especially evident when she opened her gift to find NFLD items as well as a much wanted CD player.  This compound will be rocking tonight with her favourite Christian tunes.  Nicki and Mike were quick to pick up on the fact that she had been missing this pleasure.  The evening wound down with us sitting together for a cup of tea.  Then slipping off to bed with our heads filled with how much can be accomplished in the short length of time we have here.

We anxiously await our return and each year it seems to pass more quickly.

So Karen, are we booked for 2017 yet???


Dickie MacDonald said...

Many thanks to all. Don found his hat, wonderful.

Keith said...

Happy Mothers Day.
Happy Birthdays.
Bon Voyage and thank you Springdale team.
Huge thank you to Nicki and Mike for your time, sacrifice,
commitment, love, energy and contributions to HATS.
You will be missed ....... when are you coming back?

Sandra said...

Beautiful blog. What a great day you all had.
Thanks for all you do Springdale Team and the love you share with the kids and also Karen, you are always a HUGE blessing to her as well!
It is cold home, so be prepared!