Saturday, June 4, 2016

Goodbye for now

June 1, 2016

By Mike and Nicki

What a beautiful country this is!

After years of thinking about it and months of planning for it, it seems strange that our time in Haiti is over. We have been asked by a few if it was like we expected. I'm not sure what we expected, but our minds could not have fathomed what we have experienced, and we can hardly believe that our 3 month stay has come to an end. Mike mentioned at our last staff devotion time how beautiful the country is here and how friendly the people have been to us. HATS really became home away from home for us. Karen accepted us like one of her own kids and took care of us when we wanted to travel to the beach and to LaGonave. She even called and made our reservations for us, and gave us some emergency money just like a mom would do! Luckner came over our last morning to say goodbye for now. We highly respect Luckner's heart for HATS, the school, the community and Karen. He truly is a huge asset to the ministry.

Thank you Karen for allowing us to come and share in your kids lives.

The kids really love Mike

Nicki gets a big hug

What fun it was to get to know some of the school children!

Thank you to the staff at HATS for welcoming us, forgiving us when we couldn't effectively speak creole and for accepting us as a part of the HATS family.

Mike and Germaine

Thank you to our Haitian neighbours who greeted us with smiles each morning as we passed them on our walks.

Some of the local people we met on our walks

We never got tired of looking at this beautiful scene each day!

There are many things about this beautiful place that we will miss. We walked along the canal and through the community each morning and will really miss those beautiful mornings alongside the local people. We knew we would enjoy getting to know and spending time with the kids but we had no idea how difficult it would be to leave them. They sneak in and steal your heart without you even knowing it. We have left a piece of our hearts in Haiti and can't wait for the day when we can return.

It's all about the children!

cute kids!


Sandra said...

Awesome job "Mack and Neeki"! Time flies when you are having fun. I am so glad you went there and poured out your love and talents on these adorable kids. I guess I am a little prejudiced...I love them all! You were a tremendous help to Karen and a blessing to all who met you. Hope you get to go to Beulah and put your feet up and maybe have to turn the heat up too!

Dickie MacDonald said...

Thank you Mack and Neeki for your great contribution to HATS, the children and especially for taking some of Karen's burden. I hope someday you are able to return, thanks again.

Keith said...

Great job guys.
Are we going to overlap again next spring at HATS??????????
I hope so!!