Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thank you Keith and Joan.

Once more we are without the capable Keith and Joan.  They are missed but the good news is they will return again in the fall.  Yay.  Yay.  Y A Y !!!   I miss them as soon as they drive out the gate and start the count down to when they return.

A soft place to land

Joan and Sandra

Little Flo with Joan

We know that their time with their two precious grandsons, the rest of family members, friends, along with their motorcycle escapades, and of course golfing for Mr Kief will keep them happily going, and then some, until they join us again in the fall.

Bye Kief and Jon. Can't blame you for looking so happy to leave.

Thank you for your work in all areas of the mission and especially with the children.

Amusing the kids

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you also to Mariah for sharing her spring break week with us here.  It was a busy and fun week.

Outside market in Verrettes

Always good to see people come and difficult to see them leave.  In this case it was especially sad for both Karena (Ti Mariah) and Mariah when Mariah had to leave again for Canada.

Mariah needs to leave during church service

Two sad hearts. Mariah and Karena (Ti Mariah)

Bye Mariah

Thanks Mariah for helping, and spending time, with the children.

Ti Mariah just came to tell me she misses Mariah

I T    I S    A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N


Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28

New Adventures by Mike and Nicki

We were told that there is never a dull moment at HATS, and in our almost three weeks here we have found that to be true. We had a visit from some Canadian UN officers, Valerie and Guillaume which brought a lot of excitement. They arrived with the fixings for pancakes and maple syrup for everyone!

Guillaume being welcomed back to HATS

Yay, Valerie is back

Pancakes being made for all of us at HATS

Preparing a special juice to go with the pancakes

Yummy breakfast for all

Thank you for the delicious breakfast Valerie and Guillaume

Hockey with our Canadian friends after the breakfast

Bye Guillaume and Valerie. We are going to miss you

We set up tables and the kids (and us) had a feast! Afterward it was time to work off all that good food with a game of hockey. It was good to see Valerie and Guillaume one last time as they were both just finishing up a year of service in Haiti and will return home to Canada right away.

On Wednesday of last week (the dreaded day for the kids) report cards came out. We had the privilege of going to the school with Karen as well as the students and their parents. Giving out report cards here is very different than in Canada. It started out with a worship service and then progressed to the vice principal and then the principal lecturing. And even though we didn’t understand completely what was being said, as each speaker got up, the tone was more serious. I think they were trying to instill the importance of studying and parental support of students. Nicki was thinking that she should have taken notes for when she returns to her Canadian classroom in the fall!

Luckner addressing the parents at Report Card Day Assembly

Wonder wh these three 'blan' are who attended the assembly

Parents lined up inside and outside office wanting to speak to Met Luckner, after the assembly

The talk at school was continued at HATS as Karen called a family meeting to discuss the importance of study and good grades, along with some definite changes to start immediately.

So, we have taken the advice of Principal Luckner to heart and Nicki has started a study group for the senior kids.

Nicki's study group

The spring/Easter break is about to end and the kids return to school this week.

It’s all about the children!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello friends,

This is not an easy blog for me to write.

I like working with children.  I like helping children.  I, however, absolutely do not like letting people know when help is needed for the children.  I like taking care of the children without having to share the needs to do so.

Many of you have asked over the years that I keep you informed as to how things are here at HATS - in times of sufficient and in times of need. I am sharing now that at this time the HATS mission is in need.  This is the third time in almost 21 years I have actually shared our needs.

The drop in oil prices in Canada, the loss of jobs of some supporters, and the decline of the value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar has hurt us a lot. Our donations have been coming from Canadians so our funds are received in Canadian dollars.  The funds are converted to US dollars and sent down to us to run the mission.  Our Canadian dollars are worth a lot less in US funds.

I have cut every corner I can, deleted every item I possibly can from the menu, am paying personally for everything I eat, and can't see where else I can reduce expenses.

HATS-Haiti really is all about the children.  The children continue to need to be cared for every day in every way.

If anyone reading this truth has the ability and desire to help us in some way, to continue to look after the precious children in our care, we thank you immensely.

I am going to attach some photos of our children - not showing them in need - but showing they are well cared for - thanks to all our awesome supporters and friends of HATS.  Too, I will include a couple of video clips of our children praying when we join together every day before they head off to morning devotions at our school, and one of a cutie dancing during our worship time in church.

In our times of sufficient and in our times of need we daily thank God for his provision, for family, and for friends.

This weekend the children, and those of us who are caring for them, are thanking God for sending Jesus, for his suffering, death, and especially for his resurrection which ensures us life eternal.

May God bless each and every one of you as you celebrate the resurrection of his death with loved ones.



Sonson returning in style

Helpful older siblings

Karena Praying

Jonathan Praying

Little cutie dancing in church

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thank you Heidi.

All of us at HATS-Haiti want to say a huge thank you to Heidi Perry from Steady Brook, Newfoundland.

Heidi again this year ran a marathon to raise funds for the children who are helped by the mission.  She has now done this for us several times.

Heidi is a special young lady with a heart as big as she is to help children in need.

Heidi is quite the young lady - not only a marathon runner for children in need - she is also an accomplished swimmer and was a competitor in the Rose Bowl competition for Music Festival.

We are thankful for Heidi and proud of her.  Last September Ti Luc and I were very pleased to meet Heidi in person in Corner Brook. The other children ask when they will get to meet Heidi.

Ti Luc with Heidi

Thank you Heidi


Karen and gang

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 22

Comings and Goings…Mike and Nicki

Keith and Joan left this morning for their other home in Montreal. The kids were sad to see them go as were the staff and Karen. Mike and I however were panicked! What will we do now? How will we communicate with the kids? How will we figure this all out? However, Keith and Joan have left us with many instructions and Karen is here to keep us in line!

Keith saying goodbye to the kids

Hugs goodbye from Joan

Karen saying goodbye to Keith

Not long after the departure, the gate opened again to visitors! Missionaries to La Gonave, Haiti, Robin and Beth Churchill arrived along with their children and a friend who was visiting them from their home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. How exciting to see friendly faces from home! Germaine cooked up a great meal for us to share with our guests.

Churchill family came to visit

We gave them the tour of HATS and got caught up on their work with WISH (West Indies Self Help) on La Gonave Island. It is great to see different missions connect with each other and share stories. Perhaps we will be able to visit the Churchills on La Gonave before we leave Haiti in a few months.

Churchill family leaving again for La Gonave

Mike has completed his third hockey game since arriving in Haiti and has not even succumbed to heat exhaustion yet! Anne and Leica are pretty stiff competition for Mike on the hockey floor. And Ti Luc is an awesome goalie (with his feet!).

hockey with the little ones

Nicki in goal...with a lot of help from Judel

Well, not all sporting events are high energy here. Mike plays soccer here with Sonson…you have to adjust the game to the child…because it’s all about the children here at HATS!

Mike and Sonson playing soccer.

Monday, March 21, 2016



It is always fun to have an opportunity to give the kids here at HATS something that is just theirs, no sharing necessary. Thanks to a friend of mine in Montreal, her children, her friends and their children the kids here at HATS had Christmas in March on Friday.

Sonson loves his puzzle

TiFi says thank you

A big thank you from the kids here for all that you sent. Each child received a bag or box with gifts that were bought especially for them. Some even received a letter from the person who put the package together. Mama was kept busy translating the letters and each child was touched that someone they did not know would take the time to write to them. Those letters were carefully put back in the bags to be kept and read over and over.

Moise Leica and Djemima with their letters

JJ says thank you

Mama translating for Dieunel

As each bag was opened you could see surprise and pleasure at what was coming out of the bag or box. Little Magdala was a bit afraid of her big red monkey until Mama Karen put it around her neck and if Mama wasn’t afraid then there was nothing for Magdala to be afraid of.

Magdala and her new best friend

Karena Sandra and Markenson comparing gifts

Jofky was thrilled with his coloring book because of the maze puzzles in it as he has just taken an interest in those kind of games.

Jofky and his new book

Judel can't wait to open his gifts

Jonathan Anne and Josie say thank you

TiLuc is very happy

Thank you for making this happen because it is all about the kids!

Everyone enjoying Christmas in March

Sunday, March 20, 2016

From Mariah

I arrived safely after three long flights.  I touched down on Haitian soil to find out there was a blokese in P A P due to the collapsed bridge.  We had to take a detour route through Port au Prince and alley ways but it got me to Luckner's safely.

Mariah's first Haitian meal shortly after landing

Airport to Deschapelles

I pretended I was selling things from their business when the children arrived to see Luckner and Rose Lore after church.  There were a lot of amazed and shocked faces until they processed the fact that I was real. Then it was hugs and smiles and giggles.  It was great to meet Nicki and Mike and Keith and Joan.  When we came to the HATS Mission site it was good to surprise three of the house mothers.  Tomorrow it will be fun to see the other employees.

Ti Luc a tad happy to have Mariah here

Welcome Mariah

The surprise - Mariah is here

JJ now much taller than Mariah

We had an enjoyable walk along the canal where the children really enjoyed the cheese strings I brought them - a first for them.

Mama Mariah and Ti Mariah

We had a wonderful dinner of BBQ chicken started by Joan and Nicki and finished by Keith and Mike  - they used charcoal from the school's supply and cooked it on the recho.  Karen said it was her best meal ever in Haiti.

Enjoying a mango

Then I was putting Ti Luc to bed before writing this blog.  I failed at that part of the day as I had a wonderful nap on Ti Luc's bed and he ended up on the floor until Grammy and Nicki got me up and Ti Luc in his bed properly.  Tired maybe from all the travel and very little sleep??